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Consents (This Is Really Happening!)

Posted by auntiem10 on December 14, 2010

Over the weekend, we received two consent forms in the mail from CCRM that we needed to sign for our upcoming transfer. Our FET is still far enough away, it feels like it will never get here. However, these consents were a very real reminder that we’ll be back in Denver before we know it! In fact, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be on my second day of bed rest one month from today.

Interesting take-away from consent form #1 from–Regarding Number of embryos to transfer:

Recommended limits on number of 2-3 day old embryos to transfer
Embryos               age <35         age 35-37      age 38-40     age>40
favorable               1 or 2                 2                     3               5
unfavorable               2                    3                     4               5

Recommended limits on number of 5-6 day old embryos to transfer
Embryos                age <35         age 35-37     age 38-40   age>40
favorable                  1                        2                     2               3
unfavorable               2                       2                     3                3

* Favorable – 1st cycle, good embryo quality, excess embryos available for cryopreservation, previous successful IVF cycle. All other situations are considered to be “unfavorable” according to the guidelines.

* Donor Egg Cycles: Age of the egg donor is used to determine the number of embryos to transfer.

* Frozen Embryo Transfer: Number of good quality thawed embryos should not exceed the limit on fresh embryos for the age group.

Interesting take-away from consent form #2–Regarding Pre-Treatment Recommendations:

These are CCRM’s guidelines for avoiding any activity, behavior, or medication that would reduce the woman’s chance of conceiving or increase the risk to an unborn child.

1. Women should take a prenatal vitamin on a daily basis. These vitamins should contain folic acid, which reduces the chance of neural tube defect (e.g. spina bifida)
2. Smoking must be avoided before and during treatment.
3. Recreational drugs are absolutely contraindicated.
4. Ingestion of aspirin or aspirin-like products (e.g. Motrin, Advil, Anaprox, Naprosyn, Aleve, etc.) should be avoided during treatment. Tylenol is a suitable alternative.
5. The use of alcohol should be eliminated during treatment cycle.
6. The use of all prescription and over-the-counter medications should be discussed with the treatment team.
7. Caffeine should be eliminated during the entire treatment cycle.
8. A normal healthy diet is encouraged.

I just thought I would share these take-aways with those who may not already have this information.


5 Responses to “Consents (This Is Really Happening!)”

  1. Pie said

    Heck yeah it’s happening!! I’m getting very very excited for you! 🙂

  2. LisainSK said

    I recall the second consent form but don’t remember the first…gosh we’ve signed so many consent forms I don’t even know what we’ve signed!! Too exciting to think a month from today you’ll be PUPO!!

  3. Guinevere said

    This is really really helpful, because our clinic has nothing like this in their consent forms! It’s making me feel better about my decision to have a single embryo transfer (our doctor urged its consideration, though they’d also transfer 2).

    Do you know what’s meant by good embryo quality? I have a bunch of CGH normal blastocysts, which is good, but I have no idea where they fall on the microscope grading scale except that they were all roughly the same grade. I suspect the reason we didn’t find out the grade is because they’re all BB… our clinic won’t freeze embryos unlikely to make it.

  4. Guinevere said

    Also, is there a distinction made by CCRM between CGH-tested embryos and non? Or do they do CGH pretty much on everyone who isn’t using donor eggs, so it’s just an unsaid assumption?

  5. A.E. said

    It’s so close!

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