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Is This AF?

Posted by auntiem10 on December 22, 2010

Yesterday morning, I took my 12th and last BCP. And this morning, I am spotting and cramping. Only 24 hours had passed since my last BCP, so I’m thinking this is not my actual AF yet. Plus, I have a history of spotting/bleeding on BCPs. But usually, that spotting happens just after the first few days of BCPs, not after 12 of them. And because I’ve been in menopause for the past two months and haven’t been able to build a lining, I’m thinking AF will be very scant this time around and may not be detectable if I’m also having breakthrough bleeding. The cramping feels real and AF-like, so I have to wonder whether it’s the real deal or not.

I asked my IVF nurse after my last post if I really needed to have a full flow, given the Depot Lupron treatment put me in menopause for the past two months, and this is what she said: “You may only have a very light period, but it should be slightly more than spotting.  If you do not have any bleeding or spotting by Christmas Eve let us know and you can have ultrasound and bloodwork done so that we can start on time.”

This morning I sent an e-mail, requesting an order to go in for bloodwork on Christmas Eve. If my hormone levels aren’t down enough by then, we lose our 1/13/11 FET date, so I want to be as proactive as possible. Hopefully they will agree!

In other news, we’re just preparing for Christmas festivities and counting down the days to our transfer. We’re scheduled to leave for Denver three weeks from today! My MIL and SIL are currently obsessing over the upcoming baby shower for my pg SIL and emailing me with plans/questions every hour of the day–the event is 11 days away now. I will be very happy when it’s over. Happy for her, sad for me. Same old story. I know that they will be thrilled for us when/if it’s our turn next year, so I just need to do my best pokerface and pretend to enjoy myself.


4 Responses to “Is This AF?”

  1. R said

    I would email/call your nurse and describe what you are experiencing. They will be able to tell you if it is AF or not.

  2. LisainSK said

    If you are expecting a scant AF…I think this would qualify?!

  3. LC1 said

    I never had even spotting. It was so minimal…I did have AF cramps like you describe. I think you are having AF. I’ve heard of quite a few ladies having barely and AF and being able to move forward.
    I had an ultrasound to confirm my lining was thin and my hormones were low and was able to proceed. I’m sure the same will happen with you..

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