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Posted by auntiem10 on December 23, 2010

Another week has passed, and we are now 21 days away from meeting our embryo! We fly to Denver in two weeks and six days, barring any changes to our calendar. I feel fortunate that the last part of this long wait is occurring during the holidays, because we are staying busy and time is passing very quickly right now!

I’m pretty confident now that this spotting/cramping is AF, because it has continued consistently for over 24 hours. The cramps are no fun–it kind of feels like I’ve awakened sleeping giants–but the spotting is still just that, maybe a wee bit heavier than just spotting, but not a full flow for sure. And it’s pretty much brown, not really red (gross, I know, but I’m adding this for future FET patients coming off Depot Lupron. If my husband reads this, he’ll probably barf). Just to be safe, I’m having my blood drawn tomorrow morning at my local clinic to make sure it’s not just breakthrough bleeding. I’ve sent an e-mail to the IVF nurse inbox at CCRM, asking how to proceed with my timeline since apparently AF showed up two days earlier than what’s on my calendar. If my levels are low enough, then I think I may need to start the patches tomorrow (CD 3) instead of Sunday, as indicated on my calendar. So if I can move everything up two days, then perhaps I can finagle my way into a 1/11/11 FET date! : ) Their calendar is apparently very booked though, so I’m not holding my breath, but it would be nice to conclude this very long odyssey to pregnancy ASAFP (as soon as friggin’ possible). Otherwise, I’m assuming I would just add an extra two days of patches to my protocol and stick with 1/13/11 as our transfer date. Either way is really fine, but it never hurts to ask! : )

I’m still waiting to hear which particular embryo Dr. Surrey is selecting for our elective single-embryo transfer (eSET). Will it be Lucky Number 15 (Day 5, 5AA) or Lucky Number 20 (Day 6, 6AA)? I’m thinking it will be #15 based on the fact that it was vitrified on Day 5, but I’m not sure. I think for some reason, figuring out which one is going to be transferred will make this experience feel more real!


One Response to “THREE WEEKS AWAY”

  1. LisainSK said

    Hey Em! So glad AF is here!! Sure sounds like it is. My vote is for LN15!! I can’t wait either…too cute on the ASAFP!! I might borrow that one…Merry Christmas!

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