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What a Year

Posted by auntiem10 on December 31, 2010

Today is the last day of 2010, and I am not sad to see it go. I wish that we could have completed our cycle this year, but if we get to start 2011 with a BFP, then it will feel like a fresh start. This year has been full of ups and downs, new experiences, big money spent, impatience, and frustration. I’m not sure what’s in store for the next 12 months, but I hope it’s a better year than this one!

January through March 2010: We suffered through one of the worst winters our area has endured in recent memory. We lived as frugally as possible and saved every penny that we could. In March, we decided to schedule our ODWU even though we didn’t plan to cycle right away. We were just sick of waiting and needed to take the next step. Took a fun trip east and touched a fertility statue like rebels.

April 2010: We flew to Denver for the ODWU, which was a whirlwind. I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and all the natural beauty in Colorado. Our hope was restored when Dr. Surrey told us that he was optimistic for us. We flew home, and I scheduled the additional testing that CCRM required (physical, pap, bloodwork, etc.). Created this blog and continued saving money.

May 2010: Decided to undergo Depot Lupron treatment after ER no matter what after local clinic messed up scheduling of endometrial biopsy, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, shipped Cycle Day 3 bloodwork to CCRM, then received the results and chatted with Dr. Surrey about the plan, wrote a post about all the testing we went through before the regroup, made it official by paying our IVF deposit, struggled with jealousy over pregnant women in my life (little did I know about the bombshell that was to come in June!)

June 2010: Played nurse to our Boston terrier as she had major surgery to remove her anal glands, received my first of six calendars, attended the only baby shower I couldn’t miss, devastation ensued after finding out my sister-in-law is pregnant, decided to move up our IVF cycle ASAP, received second calendar, spent blissful hours tending our garden

July 2010: Continued shock and devastation over SIL’s pregnancy as they see the heartbeat, started BCPs for IVF cycle that was later canceled, received third calendar, became obsessed with the AMC series “Mad Men,” decided to incorporate CCS testing into our IVF protocol

August 2010: Started Lupron and stopped BCPs for IVF cycle that was later canceled, found out I had a huge cyst and IVF cycle was officially canceled, decided on monitoring and Novarel trigger shot to force ovulation (which failed), received fourth calendar, took a fun weekend trip, prepared myself for failure because of pinching in my ovaries

September 2010: Found out Novarel injection failed, started Prometrium-Lupron Overlap protocol, received fifth calendar, struggled with family joy over SIL’s pregnancy as well as friends’ pregnancies, got humiliated at church, received sixth (and final!) calendar once AF finally showed, finally passed suppression check and started stims, drove nine hours to Colorado for our cycle

October 2010: Celebrated 24 eggs retrieved (and blogged about the ER)and 19 fertilized embryos, found out SIL’s baby is a girl, got the call that six great-quality embryos were biopsied for CCS testing, received CCS results SIX days later (five normals!), first Depot Lupron injection, received first FET calendar, more struggles over baby shower planning for SIL, received second FET calendar

November 2010: Deluged with hot flashes, crappy mood ensued, second Depot Lupron injection, fun Thanksgiving trip to NYC

December 2010: Decided to transfer only one embryo, chose PIO over Endometrin as main source of progesterone and received third FET calendar, had a disaster of an acupuncture appointment, received fourth FET calendar, picked up FET meds, finished BCPs and started Lupron, received fifth (and hopefully last!) FET calendar, struggled more with baby stuff, passed first estradiol check!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!


6 Responses to “What a Year”

  1. LisainSK said

    Happy New Year to you too Em…it’s been a pleasure getting to know you! What will we do when we don’t have all this CCRM/IF stuff to deal with? It will be a very nice problem…hoping more of our IF friends join us SOON! Can’t wait…13 days until PUPO for you!!

  2. R said

    I agree that 2010 was the WORST. Hope 2011 brings better things for all of us.

  3. Cassie said

    I’m wishing you the best possible 2011! Happy New Year!

  4. Wow it has been quite a year!!! But I think all the patience and delays and waiting and extra treatment and testing is going to pay off for you majorly ! 2011 is going to be your year!

  5. Hello auntiem!
    I wanted you to know that I’ve been following your blog for many months and I just signed up so I could send you a message. Your posts have been very helpful to me as i have been gong through IVF at CCRM almost right along with you! I’ll try to make this brief, but here’s my story…I’m 34 and my husband is 51. We’ve been together about 9 years, married 3 1/2. He has two boys from his first marriage – they are 15 and 18. He had a vasectomy 14 years ago. In April 2008 we tried a reversal and tested sperm for over a year. none was present, so the procedure was unsuccessful. We pursued all options and considered adoption for a short period, but we wanted our own biological child, and our only option was IVF with ICSI. We chose CCRM and Dr. Surrey became our doctor. Our 1 day workup was in May of 2010 and I had additional testing to make sure everything would work on my end and that all looked good. In early October (we were there right after you) we went to Denver for stimming. During that process, my estradiol went sky high and Dr. Surrey was worried about hyperstimulation so he slowed down the stimming and had me do a partial trigger shot and put me on other meds to prevent hyperstim. However, because of the risk, he decided we had to do a freeze-all and postpone the transfer. Disappointing at the time, but in hindsight it was a good thing. Dr.Gustofson did my retrieval. We got 30 eggs, 26 mature, 21 fertilized, 19 divided, 12 looked good initially and we ended up with 8 high quality embryos to freeze. 6 from day 5 and 2 from day 6. Thankfully, I did not hyperstimulate and as my body sort of returned to normal, I began immediately to prepare for the transfer and received a calendar for lupron, bcp, vivelle, and prometrium, and a November 29th transfer (right after Thanksgiving!) We chose to transfer 2 embryos since this is probably our only shot financially. Dr. Surrey chose embryos #2 and #5 (I’m not sure of the grades) to transfer. Right after thanksgiving we headed to Denver again, this time for about 5 days. The transfer went smoothly and the two days of bedrest weren’t that bad. The waiting is a little challenging. I think I took about 5 pregnancy tests at home and the first 3 were negative of course because it was too early. Then I got a positive one and it was so awesome! First HCG test: 136, two days later it was 444! Very exciting. Then I had my first OBGYN appointment on 12/23. After Christmas on 12/27 was the first ultrasound and even though you are somewhat expecting it, he saw TWINS and it was a little overwhelming! But we knew that was a possibility and now we’re so excited about this. Seeing the heartbeats was amazing. Our house and car just got very small! But anyway, I’m now at 7 weeks and 2 days and I’ve had occasional light spotting, which completely freaks me out but the nurses at CCRM and my doctors here both say it is normal (as long as it isn’t a lot and bright red and come with cramping). My doc also said the prometrium inserts can cause some bleeding. So I will be nervous until I hit that wonderful 12 week mark, but I wanted to write to you because you have been so inspiring to me over these last months and very helpful. We’ve had many similar experiences at CCRM and I look forward to reading your entries. I truly with you and your husband the best of luck this month at your transfer. I will be thinking of you, praying for your success and hoping that you are healthy. My wish is that this gives you some hope during this time. Thank you!!

  6. Suzy said

    Hi Auntiem,

    Started reading your blog recently. My first ivf cycle just ended in a chemical pregnancy. Reading your blog,seeing that you finally got a BFP after so much of struggle, gives me lot of hope. I want to wish all good luck with your pregnancy.

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