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Refocused on Single Digits!!!

Posted by auntiem10 on January 4, 2011

In a span of 48 hours, I attended both a baby shower and a funeral. Completely opposite spectrums of life. The baby shower was obviously held in honor of my SIL, and the funeral was held for my high school best friend’s grandma. Today I’m finally back in my normal routine and refocused on the fact that we are NINE days away from our FET. Single digits!!! I can’t believe we leave for Denver one week from tomorrow. This wait has seemed so long, it just became the status quo for me. And now, we are finally about to move past all of this. Hopefully we won’t have to revisit the FET process until we’re ready to try for a sibling!

The baby shower wasn’t so bad, thankfully. It was much easier to handle than I had anticipated. It helped that we’re so close to transfer, that I helped host so I was always busy, that my SIL is so so nice, and that I just happened for some reason to be in a good place emotionally that day. I did feel emotional when I saw the beautiful purple blanket that my MIL lovingly handmade and then kept secret from all of us until the big day, and at times the mommy-centric music playlist made me feel a little tearful, but then I would get over it by chatting with a guest or helping out with the shower. It’s over, and I am moving on. If all goes according to plan, we will have seen a heartbeat at least a few times by the time BIL and SIL’s baby arrives and we’ll be in a great place emotionally to welcome our new little niece. Trying to stay positive here.

This week: I stuck three Vivelle patches on yesterday and will stick on four new ones tomorrow morning, and continue with four patches every other day hopefully through several weeks of my pregnancy (weird to even type!!!). Friday (six days pre-transfer) is the appointment that will determine our FET fate–I visit my local RE’s office for an u/s to check my lining (which will hopefully be 8mm or greater), rule out cysts (there will hopefully be none), and measure the estradiol level again (should be 300 or greater). I’m continuing to inject 5 units of Lupron in the morning and take Synthroid for hypothyroidism, one 81mg aspirin, and one prenatal vitamin in the evening daily. If I pass Friday’s check, I’ll discontinue Lupron and start PIO on Saturday, along with Tetracycline and Medrol. We are rounding the last lap and it feels great–woo hoo!


5 Responses to “Refocused on Single Digits!!!”

  1. Pie said

    So exciting!! I’m reliving my prep by reading your blog! Fingers crossed for Friday, I remember being so nervous about that appointment, more than almost any other. C’mon triple stripe!!

  2. Jen said

    Woo hoo! It’s almost here! Hoorah! And I am sure everything will be perfect for transfer!

  3. Cassie said

    Hooray! I’m glad you survived the shower relatively unscathed, and that you are just days away from transfer!

  4. R said

    I’m so glad the shower wasn’t as bad as anticipated. YOu sound like you are in a better place and ready for the FET!

  5. flygirl555 said

    You’re so close! I can feel your excitement. Looking forward to your journey to Denver!

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