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Fax Machine Headaches

Posted by auntiem10 on January 9, 2011

My FET calendar indicated that I needed to have my progesterone level checked this morning, so I made an appointment for 8:00 a.m. On Friday, the receptionist at my local clinic let me know that they hadn’t received the order for this morning’s bloodwork. I spoke to my nurse in the afternoon, and she promised to fax the order so that it would be ready for my appointment this morning. The nurses at CCRM always call me later in the afternoon (especially on Fridays) and my local clinic was already closed, so I couldn’t call to confirm that the fax was received. No one answers the phone at my local clinic on the weekends.

This morning I was at my local clinic bright and early for my blood draw. I had to wait for a while because the nurses were busy with a few embryo transfers in the IVF lab. Finally a nurse showed up to draw my blood. She had to go through my hand (ouch) because the first stick in my arm didn’t work, and my other arm didn’t look promising. After she drew my blood, she dropped the bomb: they never received the order for my bloodwork. They couldn’t run the progesterone check until the order was received, and they were only going to be in the office until 10:00 a.m. (and were busy with transfers during that time). I promised to call CCRM’s after-hours line and have the order sent immediately. I was able to be connected to a nurse at CCRM, and she said that my nurse would send the order in a few minutes. At this point, I wasn’t sure if my local clinic would have the time to run my bloodwork.

The morning and early afternoon passed with no word from my nurse. Finally, I sent an e-mail to her, asking if my local clinic had faxed my results. She wrote back and said nothing had been received, and that she had re-faxed the order at 8:30 a.m. my time. This is just a tough lesson that I felt I should share here: if you know you have bloodwork coming up, be sure to double-check that CCRM faxed the order and your local clinic received it. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. I don’t know who (besides myself) dropped the ball with this situation. I’m not sure if the order was faxed Friday at all, or if the order was faxed and the local clinic’s fax machine did not pick up. Regardless, I should have checked before Friday to make sure that all my ducks were in a row. If I had done that, then any miscommunication could have been cleared up in time for this weekend.

So now I’m wondering: Did my local clinic receive the order, run the test, and the fax did not go through? Were they too busy with embryo transfers to receive the order and run the test? If they didn’t run it today, are they able to save my blood until tomorrow when it can be tested, or will I have to go back there in the morning?

Tomorrow a snowstorm is going to dump a lot of snow on the ground and make for a hairy commute, so I really hope that I don’t have to go back to the hospital for another blood test. But if I must, I’ll go. Hindsight is 20/20!


6 Responses to “Fax Machine Headaches”

  1. Anonymous said

    Here is something that works great for me. I ask CCRM to e-mail me my orders for all bloodworkin advance and date them for the day they want me to get my blood drawn. They send the order as a PDF, I simply print out the order and take it with me to the lab. That way you don’t have to worry about the whole faxing mess. Good luck!

    • auntiem10 said

      Thank you for the advice! My local clinic doesn’t allow me to bring in an order because they don’t want patients tampering with anything, but this might be a good back-up. My nurse has gotten used to faxing orders directly to my local clinic b/c they won’t accept orders from patients. Thanks again!

  2. let there be Sims said

    Hi, I am so sorry that this is happening to me. Here is a tip that has worked for me. I always ask my nurse to email me the work order and then I fax it myself. This way I can directly follow up with my local RE after I have personally faxed it. It’s annoying but sometimes you cannot rely on anyone but yourself 🙂 I hope u don’t have to go back today.

  3. Cassie said

    Yes, my nurse always emailed me all my orders. Sometimes I would even then forward the email to the nurse at my local clinic, so she could see where they came from and know I hadn’t messed with them. But often I would just print them out. And for all my betas and other tests after my BFP, I always just printed them out and took them to the lab. I never had any problems. I hope everything works out.

  4. LisainSK said

    Ugh!! Because I was a CDN patient they always just sent me their requisition and then attached it with my local doc’s requisition…hopefully the next few blood draws will go more smoothly!

  5. R said

    Sorry, like the others I also had the orders emailed to me too. Hopefully they got the results and you are good to go! It won’t be long now. 🙂

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