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3dp5dt (Six Days ‘Til Test Day)

Posted by auntiem10 on January 16, 2011

This morning I woke up with the unmistakable feeling of mild AF cramps in my pelvic region. It seems like I’ve read that this may be a sign that at least one of our embryos is sticking around? Maybe others can weigh in here (pretty please?!) … I would really appreciate it! With IVF #1, I don’t think I felt anything at all. The feeling has continued on and off all morning. I hope I’m not just imagining it or that it’s not a product of digesting food or something! I did not feel anything while on bedrest or yesterday, so this morning was the first time I felt a single symptom. I wish that when the embryo implants, a dinger would ring or something! It currently feels like cramps and/or a heaviness in that area. Can medication cause this?

Six days until Test Day. Ahhhhhh! I won’t be taking any sort of home pregnancy test this time around. With IVF #1, I convinced my very reluctant husband to let me test the night before beta. I had felt awful all day–headache, nausea, fatigue–and had decided that morning sickness might very well have already shown up. (In hindsight, I think I had a sinus headache.) So I took the test, and we saw the faintest of lines after three minutes. We literally had to squint to see it. But still, I had always heard the phrase A line is a line, so I was over the moon all night and into the next day as I had my blood drawn and waited for the call. A few hours later, my nurse at that clinic called and said “You’re pregnant!” I could barely breathe as I asked, “What was my HCG level?????” Her answer? “Only 16.” So I was just BARELY pregnant, and after two weeks and a heartbreaking ultrasound that showed nothing in my uterus, I needed methotrexate injections to restore my body to an unpregnant state. It was the worst to go from the highest of highs (seeing the second line on the test and hearing my nurse proclaim me as pregnant) to the lowest of lows (slowly rising betas and that horrible u/s). This time around, I’m going to be smarter. If this fails, I will be disappointed only once (when my nurse calls), and I’ll make sure to clarify that I don’t wish them to exclaim that I’m pregnant unless I have a strong HCG level. The emotional damage has been done, and we don’t want to go through it again!

Tomorrow I’ll have a recap of our whirlwind trip to Denver. I had meant to post it today, but I decided to report my crampiness instead and ask for feedback. I really hope our embies are sticking around for the ride!


11 Responses to “3dp5dt (Six Days ‘Til Test Day)”

  1. R said

    I think cramping could be a sign of implantation, but could also be the PIO. PIO side effects are the worst as they play tricks on you, they cause the sore boobs, cramps, headaches. Over analyzing every twinge and symptom is something we all do so it is totally normal. I am hoping that this is it for you! Good luck with the rest of the wait and good for you for avoiding to POAS – those sticks are evil.

  2. LC1 said

    I had some cramping at the end of my bedrest. But who knows? I know our friend Deanna had no cramping or symptoms what-so-ever (besides spotting) so I just don’t think it means anything either way- so try not to obsess over it. Ughh. I know how hard it is. The 2ww is dreadful. Hang in there…

  3. LisainSK said

    I had some cramping too but not sure if it was from endo tablets or LN10 snugglin’ in. Ugh…the 9 day wait is torturous!! Deep breaths…hang tight!!

  4. Dee said

    I kept a very detailed log of my last pregnancy and it shows I was experiencing cramps at 8dpo and avid hunger. I had no cramps on 9dpo. Cramps on 10dpo I wrote “feels more fuzzy than crampy today” and took test and saw faint line. I took prometrium 3x daily.

    Good luck.

  5. Cassie said

    It’s so hard to read anything into the cramps. I definitely had them in many cycles on PIO, that led to BFNs. But I felt like the cramps I had with my BFP were more intense and more persistent. But there really isn’t any way to know for sure until the beta. I think it’s great if you can avoid the pee sticks, but I never had that self-control. I used mine to record a progression over a number of days, so seeing the line grow darker over a period of several days make me feel better. But if you can stay away from them, more power to you!

  6. Jen said

    Ahh, the mind f*ck that is the two-week wait. I never had cramping except the night of transfer with my ectopic so I think you are in the clear on that one… Mind you, I had the spotting four times and four “pregnancies” so I think it’s totally individual specific. But I am thinking it’s a good sign. Good luck staying away from the pee sticks, you are stronger than I was!

  7. Brig said

    Auntie Em,
    I’m a CCRM girl and having read all of those posts, it sounds like cramping and bleeding are GOOD things. Each time, women thought they were getting AF (cramping) or miscarrying their embies (bleeding) they ended up being pregnant!!! I can’t speak from IVF experience myself but I wish you all the best!!

  8. Let There Be Sims said

    Don’t read into it. Its a crap shoot with cramps, but if you want to believe something…believe that your embies are implanting! It is so important to keep a positive mental attitude during this time. Lots of positive baby vibes coming your way… 🙂

  9. Littlediiorios said

    I remember knitting a baby blanket when my post transfer cramps kicked in. I researched implantation cramping and it’s a real possibility. It can be anything but it’s not a bad sign that’s for sure. 6 more sleeps!

  10. Polly said

    I think it’s a great sign! Can’t wait for your beta!

  11. looknomore said

    I had cramping 3 days after the transfer and then again after 10 days. Unfortunately it was a BFN. My doc had said that PIO can give u cramping as a side effect. A good friend of mine had sharp cramping pains almost everyday 3 days after her transfer- she got her BFP.Basically- it can be anything. But i guess its better to think that its a good thing 🙂

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