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7dp5dt (Two Days ‘Til Test Day)

Posted by auntiem10 on January 20, 2011

Yesterday was a nightmare. I arrived at my workplace only to find that our elevators were not working. I had to climb A LOT of stairs to the top floor, all the while remembering how the nurse at CCRM emphasized taking it easy and doing nothing to tax my body until after my pregnancy test. Then last night, I encountered the most nightmarish hell of a commute I’ve ever experienced. Heavy snow began falling around noon and wreaked havoc on my metro area. I left mid-afternoon, attempting to get home before the roads were too bad, but it still took me three hours and 15 minutes to drive 20 miles from work to home, and during all the slipping and sliding, I just about had a panic attack more than once. When I finally pulled into our garage, thankful to have made it safely, I burst into tears because all I could think was that the stairclimbing + hours of driving stress had to have killed our embryos. It was the absolute polar opposite of CCRM’s instructions to “take it easy.” I was just so upset.

I have been feeling so positive about all of this, but I’m not sure anymore after yesterday. In a way, I wish I was brave enough to just take a home pregnancy test. If a second line would show up right away, I could continue through the next two days with an extra bounce in my step. But on the other hand, the test may remain stark white negative, and I wish to prolong that misery as long as possible. So I will not POAS, and I will try to take back my optimistic attitude over the next few days. I also plan to take it easy today and have already called to say I won’t be in.

Symptoms that are out of the ordinary for me but could just be progesterone-induced or random: Off and on cramping. Sore nipples. Lack of appetite (this started a few days ago). One instance of constipation, which is really weird for me. A weird heaviness in my uterus area, which could just be hand-in-hand with the cramping I”m feeling. Insomnia (which I’m sure is just related to the looming pregnancy test). That’s about it for now.

Two more days!!!


19 Responses to “7dp5dt (Two Days ‘Til Test Day)”

  1. Dee said

    The waiting is the worst. I am sure everything is fine, CCRM is very cautious with their list, once those embies have implanted, they aren’t going to fall out!! Keep up with the positive vibes. Dee

  2. Littlediiorios said

    My dear – please take the weight of all the world off your shoulders. If one or both of those embryos are meant to be teenagers one day driving you nuts, no amount of stair climbing and traffic hour will change that. I heard about a woman who had a tubal libation and a ‘cleaning’ of her uterus to dismiss any chance of a current pregnancy. Turns out the little sucker hanging onto her wall at the time of the procedure would let some uterine vacuum keep him from living. She delivered that pregnancy. Think about all those women who teach arobics, or have two other kids to carry around and run around after who don’t even know they are pregnant until they miss their period and everything is fine. They tell us to take it easy to protect themselves more than you. You did your best and believe me – we don’t have as much control over our outcomes as we think. Glad you stayed home. Know you caused no damage, relax and get positive again – they say that is what makes all the difference. Not how many stairs we climb.

  3. Littlediiorios said

    I wrote that too fast – I meant to say ‘ traffic horror ‘ and the embryo ‘wouldn’t ‘ let a vacuum keep him from living. My iPad auto corrects and sometimes not to the right thing. Let the sunshine in my dear!

  4. R said

    The wait for beta is horrendous. Seriously, our minds play tricks on us and we rarely feel settled. What I do know, is that your embryo is already implanted by now and stairs and driving stress is NOT going to do any damage. That I can promise.

    There are many clinics that do not believe in the bedrest plan and tell patients to resume normal activities right away.

    I know how anxious you are, but remember that you had all the right things in place – thick lining, good hormone levels and beautiful NORMAL embryos. Good luck. Thinking of you.

  5. Josey said

    Praying for you!! Try not to worry so much about it – positive vibes are so important. Good luck…

  6. 73goldie said

    You can do it! Don’t POAS! Enjoy your two days. If you feel the urge to pee on something grab a ovulation predictor pee stick and pee on that! I can’t wait to hear results!

  7. LC1 said

    Sorry about your crazy day yesterday, but don’t let it stress you out. I really don’t think it did any harm. Hang in there…only two more days!!!

  8. LisainSK said

    Oh Em…that sounds like a horrible day indeed. Glad you are taking it easy today. I am crossing EVERYTHING that all will work out and sending prayers to give you the elusive BFP…just has to work. Hang tight…

  9. looknomore said

    Panic attacks can be a lot worst than any amount of physical activity. My doc advices all her patients to have normal life with “No restrictions”. So pls dont sweat..if it has to happen – IT WILL- Hope u get ur BFP

  10. sk0 said

    Fingers crossed for you…

  11. Pie said

    I’m just catching up with you – and my fingers are tightly crossed. I can’t wait til Saturday!!

  12. A.E. said

    I am so sorry about your day yesterday. The traffic and weather was horrible indeed.
    Try your very best not to worry. Yeah right, I know it’s nearly impossible, but you’re almost there!!!

  13. Sky said

    Awe, I just loved your pics from the transfer and arriving to Denver. I’m feeding my little one in my arms (awkwardly) as I type this from my last transfer at CCRM with Dr. Surrey. I love CCRM, truly. And your embryos look stellar. I’ll be shocked if you don’t implant with twins! Much luck!

  14. Cassie said

    I’m totally sure that yesterday’s adventures did nothing to harm your chances – please don’t worry! I’ve got everything crossed for you!

  15. LEttherebesims said

    Remember to stay positive and focused. You have come too far to let a bad day get in your way. You are a rockstar and a role model to so many of us. Stay strong! We are here for u!

  16. Flygirl555 said

    Em – You’re so close! I must have been stuck in the same snowstorm – took me 2 hours to get home last night.

    Can’t wait for Saturday! Enjoying living vicariously through you and not ready to give it up!

  17. Marcia said

    Sorry about your day. Look at the stair climbing this way – those babies are digging in and hanging on and you can’t shake them. It made them stronger little guys. Saturday you’ll feel a whole lot better. I’ll take over the optimistic part for you. Don’t worry.

  18. Wishing and waiting said

    I know it’s easier said than done but try not to worry. A friend of mine went on a bike riding trail after her transfer but befor the beta and she is due in 3 weeks! Praying for you. Hang in there.

  19. Carly said

    I am also 7dp5dt today. This is our second ivf. I am actually a surrogate but am still so anxious about waiting until Monday for my beta. I also have been contiplating a home test. I also am having cramping, heavy feeling in uterus, crazy dreams. What does all this mean. My thoughts are with you.

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