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8dp5dt (One Day ‘Til Test Day)

Posted by auntiem10 on January 21, 2011

I have suddenly developed an eye twitch, so I’m pretty sure that means I am a nervous wreck. Our beta is tomorrow! After months and months of planning, spending a small fortune, injecting needles, taking hundreds of pills, and pinning our hopes and dreams on the outcome of this cycle, we will know our fate by tomorrow afternoon. Eeeeeeek!!!! It is really sinking in now. This is it.

WHY did I think that work would be a good distraction today? All I can think about are our embryos and the two scenarios that lay before us–BFP or BFN. I have basically accomplished nothing since arriving this morning. I really shouldn’t let myself get nervous–after all, there’s nothing more that can be done–but that’s easier said than done!

I have not taken a home pregnancy test, so I have no clue which way things will go tomorrow. My dad will leave at some point during the day, and we will listen to the voicemail our nurse will leave us when we are alone. I’ve been imagining this scene for months: I suspect that we’ll play the voicemail on speakerphone in our living room, and I’ll have my head in my hands, ready to either whoop for joy or cry sad tears. And of course, I’ll update this blog either way immediately. My DH keeps kindly reminding me that we are so fortunate to have three CCS normal popsicle blasts remaining in CCRM’s freezer, and he is so right. I’m sure a negative result would be devastating tomorrow, but we can try, try again if this time doesn’t work out. Last IVF cycle, we had zero embryos left and basically no hope that we could even produce good embryos. So regardless of tomorrow’s verdict, we’re a thousand times better off than we were a year and a half ago.

Oh, please let this work!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!


22 Responses to “8dp5dt (One Day ‘Til Test Day)”

  1. Pie said

    My fingers, toes, eyes and legs are all crossed for you. and you totally have the willpower of the gods for not POASing. hang in there, one more day.

  2. Anonymous said

    Amazing willpower, I don’t know how you do it! Best of luck tomorrow, I’m willing you a lovely high, strong beta number.

  3. daisy123 said

    Fingers crossed for you!!! Your blog was a big part of why we decided to do one more cycle at CCRM. We’ve ended up doing almost the exact same steps as you (retrieval, CCS, depot lupron, and eventually FET). We currently have 5 frozen embryos (4 CCS normal) and will be transferring in March. I’ve loved reading your good news along each step of this process and I’m thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow!

  4. LC1 said

    Fingers crossed!!!!!! So excited for you tomorrow!!!!!

  5. drewiekc said

    I am so so nervous and excited for you! I have everything crossed that can possibly be crossed, and have been thinking good thoughts all week. GOOD LUCK!!

  6. Susie said

    You’re almost there, Em! Will be anxiously waiting to hear the outcome tomorrow. Take it easy if you can between now and then. Sorry to read about your horrible day Wednesday… Sounds like you’ve rebounded well. You are READY! Fingers crossed . . .

  7. Cassie said

    I have everything and more crossed for you! And I truly cannot believe how strong you are for not POASing – good for you!

  8. 73goldie said

    I’m hoping tomorrow is the start of something beautiful! Think positive happy thoughts tonight!

  9. LisainSK said

    You are going into this with a great attitude…will be checking for tomorrow’s post…take care!

  10. let there be Sims said

    I am praying so hard for you that you hear what u want tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear the great news 🙂

  11. Kim said

    I checked my Dashboard today just to see the countdown. I’ll be waiting for great news tomorrow! Fingers (and everything possible) are crossed!

  12. Wishing and waiting said

    Best wishes. Praying for you and DH and the little embies!

  13. R said

    Fingers crossed that tomorrow brings you your BFP.

  14. Littlediiorios said

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We are all hoping for you. You so deserve this happiness!

  15. A.E. said

    You were the very first person on my mind today and I’m sitting here tonight thinking about you.
    You are in my prayers tomorrow, dear friend.

  16. Rambler said

    Thinking of you and sending good thoughts! You’re almost there, yay yay yay!

    Hoping for GREAT news. 🙂

  17. Running_girl said

    Thinking of you today. You Re in my thought and prayers.

  18. LetThereBeSims said

    The suspense is killing me!!! So much that I gave you a shout out on my blog


  19. catlover said

    Have been following your blog for many, many months. Wanted to thank you for your posts –I’m at CCRM now too. Wishing you all the best tomorrow. Lots of good thoughts headed your way. BEST OF LUCK.

  20. Alison5280 said

    Like everyone else, I am holding my breath to hear your results and am sending you every good sticky baby vibe I have! 🙂 We have started our process for a FET in March with CCRM and I am reminded again why they are so good at what they do. You are in GREAT hands. May God be with you and your husband!

  21. Deana said

    I am going to be checking this all day today waiting for the news!! I KNOW it’s going to be good!!!!

  22. Marcia said

    Good luck!!!

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