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Beta #2

Posted by auntiem10 on January 24, 2011

I just heard from my CCRM nurse… Beta #2 is 751!!!!!

This is a doubling time of 33.48 hours. Wow!!! I can’t believe I am actually pregnant. It just feels surreal. I asked my nurse her opinion about whether there is a singleton or twins growing in my ute right now, and she told me that it’s really hard to say because she’s seen either scenario with these HCG levels. One baby or two doesn’t matter at all to us; we are just thrilled that the strong HCG number means hopefully at least one embryo is settling in!

Next step is to have my blood drawn again the next few Mondays to check my estrogen and progesterone levels. Then our first ultrasound will occur on February 9th!

Dr. Surrey also called me today to say congratulations. He said everything looks great but obviously, we’re not out of the woods yet. He reminded me to take it easy and told me in a funny way to avoid s.e.x (“You shouldn’t do much more than kiss ‘DH’ right now”).

We told my DH’s mom and dad on Saturday. This blog is a huge outlet for my excitement over the news, but my DH doesn’t really have an outlet, so I figured it was only fair that he got to tell someone! We are confident that they will keep our secret just between the four of us until we’re ready to announce to his siblings and grandma. My family cannot keep a secret, ha ha, so I will wait to tell them for at least a few more weeks, maybe longer. My MIL was overjoyed. I told her that twins are a possibility, and she looked mindboggled. She is the mother of triplets, so I think she was excited about the possibility of twin grandchildren. She and my FIL teared up and both acted so excited! We’ve kept all family members completely in the dark about everything having to do with CCRM, so it felt great to let it out. Secrets weigh 1000 lbs.

On Saturday afternoon, I finally POAS and saw my first-ever definitive second line. After IVF #1, we saw a ghost line, the kind where you had to squint to even see it, but otherwise I’ve never seen a positive of my very own. I won’t post it here because I want to be respectful, but it was an amazing sight!

Thank you all so much for the congrats on Saturday and for following our story! I hope we can provide hope to others considering CCRM.


31 Responses to “Beta #2”

  1. drewiekc said

    Yay! I was waiting for this! Awesome news! Go get a digital test and pee on that so you can see that wonderful “PREGNANT” 🙂

  2. Sara said

    I’ve officially been stalking your blog! That is a GREAT second beta! YAHOO! I’m so happy for you… And I can’t believe that you kept everyone in the dark re: CCRM – that takes serious restraint – did you tell them that you were going on vacation??!!

    • auntiem10 said

      LOL that you were stalking my blog! : ) We just traveled to Denver in secret, and if our family members called, we acted like we were at home/work like normal. We didn’t raise a single suspicion, fortunately!

  3. sk0 said

    Amazing news! Congratulations!

  4. R said

    I’m thrilled for you. This is YOUR blog and if you want to post something, you should do it – it’s your outlet and your place.

    • auntiem10 said

      Thanks R! I agree with you that it’s my outlet, but I’m not sure I need to actually post a + HPT on here to be fulfilled. It was enough to just see it in real life, you know? There may be IFers who stumble across my blog during a bad day, and I don’t want them to be confronted with my positive test. I’m thinking I may add a page to this blog (like the About Me page on here) on which I can add pregnancy-related pictures.

  5. LC1 said

    Congrats on a fabulous doubling number!!! Awesome!!! That’s so great you told your inlaws….so fun to tell someone IRL!!! I think you should post your HPT!!! I agree…it’s your blog and we’re all so happy for you, I love seeing ++++ HPTs!

  6. Wishing and waiting said

    Congratulations again. I am glad to see today’s update. This is day 5 of Lupron Depot for me and I am on an emotional roller coaster and I needed to see this wonderful news. It helps me keep my eye on the prize. I pray that God will continue to bless you through a wonderful pregancy and with a beautiful happy, healthy baby or babies 🙂

    • auntiem10 said

      Oh gosh, my heart goes out to you. I was in your shoes in October and November, wondering if that DL treatment would be worth it and needing BFP stories to give me hope. I know the wait right now seems like forever, but it will be worth it!

  7. Josey said

    Absolutely wonderful news!!!! How fun to see a positive HPT. 🙂

  8. Cassie said

    Great second beta! And yeah, get used to that no s.e.x. stuff for a while!
    I’m so happy for you!!!!!!!!

  9. Molly said

    Wow! Congrats! Just for the record, my first beta was 325ish (my memory turned to mush with twins!), but my second one didn’t even double (but it was considered fine since it went up at least 60% or doubling in 72 hrs) so I’m placing my bets on twins:) I know it can go either way and either way is great for different reasons. I’m excited for you and hope everything goes well!

  10. LisainSK said

    WHOO HOO Em!!!! So awesome!!!

  11. cgd said

    Yay, great numbers. Congrats to you?
    Can I ask what you thought the difference was in using CCRM based on other clinics? I am cornell and live in NYC, but am considering going else where and what to explore all options.
    thanks so much.

    • auntiem10 said

      Thank you! CCRM’s lab has an amazing reputation. I don’t know what they do differently, but many patients seem to experience better results at CCRM than locally. We certainly did.

      We were impressed with their very thorough testing and felt that b/c they have the money to conduct research studies, they seemed more ahead of the game than other IF clinics. We also wanted to take advantage of the CCS study, which Cornell is apparently not doing yet b/c they need to see more research. If your embryos can grow to blast, CCRM’s lab can check all 23 pairs of chromosomes and weed out embryos with a higher chance for m/c. Other labs are doing CGH testing, but they are not having the same level of success as CCRM. Using this technology, CCRM has around an 80% success rate for transfers of two chromosomally normal embryos and a 60% success rate for transfers of one chromosomally normal embryo. They just seemed to us to have the best technology, the best testing, the best lab, and the best chromosome study. Going there was a no-brainer and ended up being the best decision we have ever made. And Denver is absolutely beautiful!

      If you have more questions, please e-mail me at I would be happy to talk further!

  12. Kim said

    Found your blog…thanks for all the information you share about CCRM Congrats on the pregnancy!

    • auntiem10 said

      Thank you very much! I was happy to share about our experience with CCRM. If there’s something I haven’t written about that you would like to know, let me know!

  13. Alison5280 said

    YAY! Congrats on those great numbers. They are right in line with what mine were, and I had twins. HOWEVER, my girlfriend’s oldest is currently pregnant with a singleton and her numbers were similar as well, so it can go either way. Anyway you look at it, it is GREAT news!!!

    I just wanted to respond to CGD, who asked about using CCRM vs other clinics. Although I am in Denver, and so can’t really comment on the whole using a clinic in another state thing, I can tell you that our first year and a half of infertility struggles was with another clinic here in Denver, and we thought they were doing a great job. However, when they suggested that we were at the point of going to IVF, we went to CCRM for a second opinion. We left the consult with CCRM literally REELING with the feeling that we had wasted nearly 18 months with the previous group. It wasn’t that CCRM bashed them or anything like that, they just asked SO many more questions and suggested significantly different testing–or THEIR testing, because they run their own labs and so have the calibrations more controlled–that it was evident that we didn’t even yet know the tip of the iceberg regarding our infertility issues. I firmly believe that if we had stayed with the other group, we would still be childless. Just my opinion, of course. It wasn’t easy, or cheap, but we always felt like if it was going to happen anywhere, it was going to happen with CCRM. Best of luck, whatever you decide!!!

    • auntiem10 said

      Thank you! We will be thrilled with one or two. I totally agree with your response to cgh–we were also just amazed at the difference between our local clinic and CCRM. Thanks for sharing!

  14. daisy123 said

    Your beta numbers are great! I’m so excited for you!

  15. Laura said

    Hi Auntiem!! double congrats on all of this!!!! What a great story!!! I was trying to find in your blog the schedule for the FET prep, I am in the same boat in terms of meds (the two months of Lupron, and BCPs, etc) to prepare for an April/May transfer….could you guide me in your blog to find the schedule (time wise?, etc)!!!


  16. 73goldie said

    You do give me hope! Your positive beta timing couldn’t be more perfect as I’m about to begin my little journey! I can’t wait to hear if you are a mother of 1 or 2?!

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