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Posted by auntiem10 on February 6, 2011

So far, so good over here. Only three more days until our first ultrasound! I’ve been walking around singing “All I want for V-Day are two heartbeats, two heartbeats, two heartbeats” (to the tune of “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth). : ) One heartbeat would be absolutely perfect, too, but the more we stare at the picture of our embryos on transfer day, the more we hope that they both stuck around. We shall see very soon!

Morning sickness made its first appearance in the form of a topsy-turvy stomach this past Thursday (5w5d). On Friday, I felt even worse. I barely ate anything all day because all food made my stomach turn, and when we went out for dinner (Chinese food), I had to pick out all the chicken in my chicken fried rice and ended up leaving a lot of food on my plate. Yesterday, I got sick twice and moped around all day. It seems that I can’t eat anything salty, with any meat except chicken, or anything spicy–so bland foods it is. I’m not complaining at all–I’m thrilled to have this symptom! I’ve also been dealing with a pretty awful sinus infection since last Wednesday. I went to urgent care yesterday and was prescribed an antibiotic and anti-nausea pills, since the physician was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to hold down the antibiotic. Hopefully the antibiotic will knock out the sinus infection this week. I’m hoping my body is just way too busy growing a human or two and doesn’t have time to mess with my silly sinus infection. I’ll gladly be sick for the next 7.5 months if it means things are going well in my ute!

I’ll update Wednesday as soon as I get to work with the results of our ultrasound. Despite this newly developed morning sickness and high hormone levels, it is still unreal to think that we may see a heartbeat or two on Wednesday. This is most certainly unchartered territory!


11 Responses to “6w1d”

  1. R said

    Good luck waiting for Wednesday, can’t to hear your report!

  2. Josey said

    It’s funny how once you’ve dealt with IF, you’re actually “thankful” for symptoms like morning sickness b/c it’s another sing the baby(ies) are doing well!

  3. A.E. said

    YAY for morning sickness. I was just sitting in the McD’s drive thru thinking, “What day is M’s ultrasound?” You are certainly on my mind!

  4. mmbchat said

    Wednesday will be a busy day for me because I’ll be checking this site over and over until you post about your ultrasound. I can hardly wait. Have you tried a neti pot for your sinus infection. It might help with the pressure symptoms.

  5. Wishing and waiting said

    Can’t wait to hear about your ultrasound. As someone commented earlier, it is funny how you are thankful for morning sickness and how different your perspective is after going through IF treatments. I have Bell’s Palsy (one sided facial paralysis), which developed after my first dose of Lupron. I Will definitely have my second dose though since that is my only chance of developing the beta 3 integrin. Will be waiting to hear one or two. Take care!

  6. LisainSK said

    Can’t wait until Wednesday!! Take it easy with the m/s…remember it doesn’t last forever!

  7. Anonymous said

    I’m excited for your ultrasound!!! Can’t wait to hear the good news…. Either one or two it will be wonderful!!!
    But I think u may be joining me in the twin club:)

  8. Dee said

    Good luck for Wed.

  9. 73goldie said

    There are so many fun things to look forward to. The next thing to think about will be the sex. Will you find out or wait?

  10. Maggie said

    Can’t wait for Wednesday!!!!

  11. Running_girl said

    I can’t wait to hear your results!

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