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Starting the Weaning Process

Posted by auntiem10 on February 11, 2011

On Wednesday, my hormone levels looked great:

Estrogen = 1272 (needs to be >300)
Progesterone = 36.3 (needs to be >20 because I’m injecting PIO daily)

So the next step is to start weaning from all the FET medications and allow my hormone supply to start supporting the pregnancy. These are the medications I’ve been taking since transfer day:

  • 81 mg baby aspirin daily
  • 2 mg Estradiol pill daily (generic Estrace) – for estrogen
  • 1 CC injection of Progesterone in Oil, daily – for progesterone
  • 4 Vivelle patches, replaced every other day – for estrogen
  • 1 Endometrin suppository nightly – for progesterone
  • Prenatal vitamin nightly at bedtime

The nurse at CCRM told me that they wean one form of estrogen support and one form of progesterone support at a time. So for the next week, I get to drop the daily Estradiol pill and the nightly Endometrin suppository. Next Wednesday, I’ll have my blood drawn again (and another ultrasound), and based on those results, I’ll continue to wean. My numbers may dip slightly as my body works to become the sole source of hormonal support for our twins (how weird is that to type?!), but everything is fine as long as the numbers stay above the threshold of >300 and >20. I believe they would like to have me totally weaned off the meds by 9 or 10 weeks. So that is the plan.

This weekend we are planning to surprise my mom, sister, two best friends, grandpa, and aunt on Saturday with our news. Then on Sunday, we’re planning to announce to my DH’s siblings and grandma. They will all be shocked, since we kept our cycle a total secret. We will only be seven weeks on Saturday, so we won’t be spreading the news too far quite yet, but we are excited to share with those who mean the most to us!


11 Responses to “Starting the Weaning Process”

  1. A.E. said

    What a great weekend you have planned!
    Can’t wait to hear about it : )

  2. Josey said

    Great news all around. 🙂 Lookin good!

    Can’t wait to hear about how your families respond!

  3. LC1 said

    You’re moving right along…on your way to graduating from CCRM!!! Can you believe it? I can’t wait to hear about your announcement this weekend!! Update us as soon as you can!! Will you reveal that it is twins??

  4. The numbers look awesome! Good luck this weekend… it sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. Wishing and waiting said

    Congrats again. How exciting!

  6. flygirl555 said

    I am still over the moon for you!!! And feel so honored that we were one of the very first ones to know!!! Even though I have a handful of close friends who know what we’re going through, I have not told them that I am keeping a blog either.

  7. LetThereBeSims said

    That is awesome that you have kept it a secret! I can’t wait to hear about your family’s reactions!!!

  8. Susie said

    Enjoy this weekend. Soak up all of those joyful reactions! They help wash away the pain of infertility. P.S. I didn’t get an email from you. Maybe you haven’t sent it yet!

  9. LisainSK said

    Wow! Weaning already…that’s awesome Em! And savour every moment this weekend with your family. Love to hear the details on how you told them all…take care!

  10. T. said

    Double congrats to you!!

  11. Cassie said

    That’s great news. It feels wonderful to start the weaning, and to get off the meds altogether. And it is especially fun to start spreading the news. Hooray!

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