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First Peri Visit (9w3d)

Posted by auntiem10 on March 1, 2011

I had a marathon first perinatology visit today! Everything is good with our twins.

After registering at the hospital, I filled out some paperwork and had an ultrasound scan–my first abdominal scan of this pregnancy! The vagcam will come back at around 18 weeks when they start cervical checks, but today was a great reprieve. Twin A measured 9w3d with a heart rate of 160 bpm. Twin B measured 9w4d with a heart rate of 171 bpm. The ultrasonographer commented right away that my uterus is about to pop, which I guess means I will start showing soon? She also confirmed that they are dichorionic-diamniotic twins, meaning each embryo has its own blood supply and amniotic sac. This is the lowest-risk grouping of twins–very good news for us. The u/s tech was extremely nice and zoomed in on each twin so that we could observe them wiggling around for several minutes and see their hearts pumping away. They looked like they were on a waterbed moving, if that makes sense. Their movements were so smooth and graceful.

Then I had to provide a urine sample, and afterwards I met with the nursing manager so that she could provide welcoming info about the practice. After that, I met with one of the group’s perinatologists for quite a while. We discussed things like my hypothyroidism, the bone disease that runs in my family, my desired delivery method, how much weight I should gain (35-45 lbs! whoa!), etc. It was a very informative meeting.

Next, I met with the nurse practitioner, who was SO nice. She made me feel so at ease about my anxiety. She reassured me that many patients who visit their high-risk practice are more nervous than a typical pregnant woman, and they will squeeze me in anytime I need a little extra reassurance. She said she doesn’t really believe that stress harms a developing baby, but that anxiety is counterproductive and can be easily relieved with a quick ultrasound. She cleared us for s-.e-.x, although I’m still holding out until the second trimester.

The last step was to have blood drawn at a nearby lab. I was starting to feel very lightheaded and ill by this time… I hadn’t realized my appointment would last so long, and I didn’t bring any snacks to eat. The nurse gave me some crackers, but I had to run to the bathroom before I could get anything down. Yuck! The nurse said they believe morning sickness is caused partially by low blood sugar and advised me to eat some cookies from the hospital cafe, and I did feel better after that. They called in more Zofran for me, thank goodness. I had my blood drawn and was finally on my way.

My next appointment is in three weeks, unless I feel the need for a quick reassuring ultrasound sooner (which is very possible). I’ll be 12 weeks 3 days by then, so they will do the NT scan. Both twins should really be moving around by then, and I already can’t wait! I’m feeling incredibly fortunate and grateful today to have seen those tiny beings thriving in my belly. I am rooting for all of you who are still waiting to see the same magic.

In the next few days, I will try to take pictures of the printed photos the u/s tech gave us so that I can post them on here. Hopefully they will be clear enough to share!


8 Responses to “First Peri Visit (9w3d)”

  1. LisainSK said

    SWEET!!! Your twins sound so incredibly healthy! This is such great news…interesting theory on the blood sugar levels with regard to M/S. Hoping you start feeling better in the next few weeks.

  2. A.E. said

    Sounds like a great group of people! I went in every single week for an ultrasound until I felt the baby kick (for a total of 11). It was just what I needed so don’t you think twice about going in there and asking for what you need to get you through. Sounds like they are going to be totally supportive and that’s half the battle!

  3. LetThereBeSims said

    Although your will continue to experience moments of anxiety, this is so amazing to know that you are at this stage, onto a new doctor and hopefully never having to do with an RE again! That said, did CCRM want you to follow up with them? and if so, is it only at the point of youe delivery? I am assuming they want to know about your full success story to count you as a live birth? or do they want to track your progress throughout your entire pg?

  4. Littlediiorios said

    How special your experience was. They seem so magical floating on their water bed. Good thing they are so understanding about reassuring you. All the best for your next steps…and really looking forward to seeing their pictures!…..if only they knew what superstars they are!

  5. Deana said

    Yay – such great news!! So sorry you are feeling sick, I know how you feel – but it went away completely for me by 16 weeks or so. Hang in there… so glad you and the babies are doing well!!!

  6. Jen said

    Sounds like everything is going great! Yay! And I’ve got a couple questions related to what I am sure you can guess, so I will try and e-mail you this weekend to see what your plans/the peri’s plans are.

    Hugs to you both! Or should I say you four?

  7. Cassie said

    I’m so glad that everything is going so well for you! I hope the nausea subsides soon!

  8. Roccie said

    I can just imagine the u/s. Perfect description about moving with water.

    I love Twin A and Twin B.

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