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Still Here (10w5d)

Posted by auntiem10 on March 10, 2011

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last blog entry. Morning sickness (more like all day sickness) is kicking my behind. I am truly grateful for it because I’m fully cognizant that I could be sitting here right now with another failed cycle burdening me, and I am so thankful to have been afforded this outcome. I always tried to imagine what m/s would feel like, and I pictured it as similar to having a hangover. And in a way, that’s a pretty accurate description. The worst time for me is in the evenings, after dinner. I get a bad, metallic taste in my mouth. Before long, my stomach is turning and I can either stay awake and feel miserable, or elect an early bedtime since my stomach doesn’t hurt when I’m not awake. I’m tired too, so the early bedtime sounds awesome. Because I can’t eat much in the evenings, I wake up the next morning automatically nauseous. I’ve tried eating food when I wake up, and I can’t keep it down. Hopefully this will subside in the next few weeks.

For the first half of this week, I was feeling an achiness in my uterine area. I’ve read that this is the point during which my uterus hits a major growth spurt, so I tried not to worry. But Tuesday night, I was hit with pretty intense aches while trying to sleep. I called the peri’s office yesterday morning to see if this is normal, and they think all is fine but suggested I just come in for a peace of mind u/s. They used a very low-tech portable machine, so there was no measuring the fetuses or listening to their heartbeats or printing any pictures, but the grainy picture allowed us to see both of their hearts and both of them bobbing around in their gestational sacs. Baby A was particularly spastic, bouncing around from one side to the other! I felt a lot better knowing that the achiness was not affecting their welfare. Must just be growing pains.

Saturday will mark 11 weeks, so I’m only a few weeks away from the second trimester. I can’t believe it! The nurse yesterday told me that I’ll likely begin to feel them move around 16 weeks, which is really only a little over five weeks away. Crazy! Time seems like it’s on hyperspeed. Every week brings me a tiny bit of extra reassurance that things are likely going to be okay. We even (gulp) ordered baby furniture today, because we found a great deal and worried that it wouldn’t exist later. I’m sure we won’t set anything up until we’re much further along, but I would describe the purchase as exciting, scary, and ultimately surreal. Two cribs, a dresser, and a changing table–all bought specifically for these babies we dreamed about. Amazing. We also bought a really nice used jogging stroller last weekend from someone whose twins had outgrown it. Our two hyper terriers need daily walks when the weather permits, and jogging strollers are supposed to be better on sidewalks/curbs/etc. We plan to also register for a front-to-back double stroller–probably one of those snap and go ones, since the jogging stroller will likely be too wide for public doorways etc. Thinking about these things still blows my mind.

Our next appointment is on March 22nd, the NT scan–12 days away. My DH hasn’t been able to attend the last two u/s because of work and school commitments, so I can’t wait for him to see how much they have grown! I still need to post the pictures from our first peri appointment. I had to take photos of the photos they gave us, and now I just need to load them on my laptop so I can post them here.

Thanks for reading!


8 Responses to “Still Here (10w5d)”

  1. Dee said

    Time is moving so fast. Glad all is well and hope the m/s passes sooner than later.

  2. LisainSK said

    Thanks sooo much for posting as I was just thinking of you yesterday. I thought for sure you must be ill as you haven’t posted in a while! No worries…this is going to pass and hopefully SOON! Hang in there…

    And SOOO exciting to read you have purchased some baby furniture…it is SOOO surreal. Enjoy!

  3. LEttherebesims said

    So good to hear u doing so well. Hope the morning sickness passes soon. Congrats on the baby furniture. That is so exciting!

  4. Roccie said

    I know some people choke when I say this, but you know what worked for me? Sour Jolly Ranchers. I dunno, it just did it for me.

    I am so happy to see everything going so well. Look at you. What a joy!

  5. Littlediiorios said

    It all sounds great my dear…enjoy every second! And don’t get too worried about the bumps along the way.

  6. Wishing and waiting said

    Glad to hear that all is well with the little ones!

  7. flygirl said

    Hang in there with the morning sickness…you worked SO hard to get here.

    How exciting that you ordered your baby furniture and got to see your LOs bopping around.

  8. MyTwoLines said

    Time is flying by! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I posted something to you about not doing depot lupron before a fresh cycle–and now look where you are! Sorry about the morning sickness, hope it passes soon!

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