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11w4d (First Baby-Related Dream)

Posted by auntiem10 on March 16, 2011

Last night I dreamed that we had two infant daughters. For whatever reason, I was sleeping upstairs in what will become the guest room, and the babies were sleeping in our living room downstairs–one in a recliner, and one on the couch. I crept out to look at them just as the baby in the recliner rolled over and fell onto the ground face-first. I ran downstairs and picked her up, but she was laughing about her fall. That was it. Weird! It was an amazingly vivid dream, and the first one I’ve had that involved genders. I wonder what my subconscious was trying to tell me?

Six more days until our NT scan. The longest I’ve managed to go between ultrasounds so far is eight days. I had one at 6w4d, 7w3d, 8w3d, 9w3d, and 10w4d. It’s been seven days since my last ultrasound, and I am feeling anxious once again. I have no reason to feel like this–I’ve had no spotting/bleeding, no cramping beyond what I think is my uterus expanding, and no other warning signs. But no matter how positive I am right after our scans, about a week later my brain starts getting out of control imagining that something is wrong. Will this ever end, I wonder? I’m guessing making it to the second trimester will help a little, and feeling movement will also help, but maybe these fears are just with me to stay.

I considered asking to be squeezed onto the schedule this week for a reassurance ultrasound, but then decided against it. I don’t want to take up appointment space without good reason, and I don’t have much longer to wait until our more in-depth scan next week. Waiting impatiently for next Tuesday!


6 Responses to “11w4d (First Baby-Related Dream)”

  1. Jen said

    Wait until you can feel movement. I actually bought a little notebook to count kicks not daily but like every hour. I was obsessed. So, no, it doesn’t end…

    Hoping the wait isn’t too long to endure!

  2. R said

    I totally get your anxiety, I have too. Now that I can hear the hb on the doppler, I feel MUCH better. Good luck waiting for the NT.

  3. LisainSK said

    Yes…for me once you hit the second tri I think your anxiety will calm down considerably…also once your waist line really starts to expand does it start to become more real. The first tri is so challenging…physically and emotionally/anxious. You are doing great! And crazy dreams!!

  4. Flygirl555 said

    Are you sure you’re not secretly hooked on Lupron? Sounds like some of the crazy dreams I’ve had over the last few weeks…

  5. LC1 said

    Will be interesting to see if you will have 2 daughters like your dream???
    Hang in there on the waiting!!!

  6. Deana said

    So glad to hear you are doing well – I’ve been thinking about you! The anxiety will get better as time goes by – it has for me, although I know I’m still more anxious than I should be. Crazy dream!! I’m also curious if you are having 2 girls – can’t wait to find out!

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