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14 Weeks!

Posted by auntiem10 on April 2, 2011

First of all, I just want to apologize that I haven’t commented on many of my friends’ blogs lately. I have four more work days at my company, and I’m trying to complete as much work as possible before I leave for another opportunity. I am reading your blogs at home, but am not able to comment from there. I just want you to know that I’m thinking of all of you!

Today I’m 14 weeks and officially in the second trimester! Some online resources (and my peri’s office) say the first tri ends at 13w3d, but other resources say the second trimester doesn’t start until 14 weeks. Since I’m the type of person who errs on the side of caution, I didn’t allow myself to get too excited about this milestone until today. I realize now that I have had the assumption that staying pregnant would be every bit as hard as getting pregnant. But here I am today, in the second tri, without so much as a drop of blood or a bad cramp this entire time. So, so grateful. Beyond words.

My work slacks are getting impossible to button/zip. Last fall, IVF bloat + sympathy food forced me to purchase some slacks one size larger so that I could be comfortable at work. Those are not even buttoning or zipping at this point! The Be Band from Target has become my friend. The company where I start working in a few weeks has a casual dress code, so I think a purchase in my near future will be a few pairs of maternity jeans. I may need them soon!

When I lay on my back and touch my belly, I can feel my uterus just below my belly button. It feels hard and seems to grow bigger throughout the day. I am obsessed with touching it because it’s my first physical connection to the miracle occurring inside of me. My ute has really grown in the past week–a week ago, I could barely feel it, and now it feels very pronounced. I am ecstatic that changes are happening to my body! I’m not “showing” yet, but I’m definitely heading in that direction.

My nausea may be subsiding a little bit, but I’m not sure. I still have to take Zofran at least once daily, in the evening. Most days I need it in the morning too. I still haven’t been able to pack my lunch for work or even blow my nose without gagging. I haven’t thrown up since Tuesday, so I’d like to think this is slight improvement. I’m still not eating as healthy as I would like because my main goal is just to keep food down, but I’m starting to crave veggies like broccoli and asparagus. I wasn’t even able to look at any food other than carbs a few weeks ago, so I know that I must be feeling at least a little better.  I still have tons of food aversions though. I am not complaining about my morning sickness–in fact, it’s been comforting in a way to have an actual constant symptom. Otherwise I think I would still be in disbelief that this is happening for us.

I wake up in the middle of the night STARVING, no matter how much I eat for dinner and despite the fact that I try to eat something (like a PB sandwich) right before bed. If I’m not nauseous during the day, then I’m famished–there is no in-between. Two nights ago I devoured a generous portion of grilled pork chop (sorry vegetarians), a huge serving of roasted broccoli, two slices of garlic bread, and a cup of pudding for dessert. And within a few hours, I was hungry again. My appetite is crazy when I’m actually hungry. I figure it’s my body’s way of telling me I need calories since I’ve been throwing up so much. At my last peri appointment at 12w, I had lost one pound total, but that’s really pretty good for all the throwing up I’ve been doing. When I have eaten, it’s unfortunately been primarily junk food as it was all I could stomach, so I’m fortunate not to have gained junk food weight. Since I’m feeling slightly better, my plan for next week is to incorporate more of the food groups into my day and actually pack my lunch!

Our next peri appointment is in 13 days. I’ll be 15w6d, so I’m crossing all fingers and toes that we’ll learn the genders. My “mother’s intuition” tells me that we’re expecting either a boy and a girl or two girls. My hubby swears that he doesn’t care, and he doesn’t want to make predictions. We will be so thrilled with whatever combination we get!

We now have all of our nursery furniture–our cribs, changing table, and dresser are currently sitting in boxes in the room that will become the nursery. We chose a glider/ottoman from a local store, and it should arrive when I’m around 20 weeks.  Our City Mini double stroller is even assembled in our basement. We have yet to buy crib mattresses and all the decor-type stuff like bedding and wall art, but obviously we have tons of time. It may be a little early for us to have made the purchases we have so far, but I thought it was best to shop while I felt up to it! Plus, spacing out the costly purchases will help us to budget.

That’s about it for now! I can’t wait to write about the results of our next ultrasound in a few weeks! : )


8 Responses to “14 Weeks!”

  1. Pie said

    Congrats on making it to the second tri! I always woke up hungry too, no matter what. I liked the Nurtigrain cereal bars – easy to eat, sorta filling and not total junk. I think I had a post somewhere about trying all sorts of different bedside foods.

    Looking forward to hearing about the u/s too!!

  2. R said

    Yay for entering T2! Glad things continue to go well.

  3. Josey said

    Congrats on making it to the 2nd tri so smoothly! Hoping that trend continues for the next 26 weeks. 🙂

  4. LisainSK said

    Congrats on T2 as well! And I have a voracious appetite as well…I still have to get up to eat 2-3 times a night as well!! Just getting us ready for those nightime feedings 😉

  5. Anonymous said

    sounds so amazing…glad you are eating so well…wow…you can sure put that stuff away…what are those babies doing with it!! all the best in the next few months..can’t wait to hear more!!

  6. LC1 said

    Congrats on progressing to the second trimester!! That’s so good the nausea is getting better. Can’t wait to hear what genders you’ve got in there 🙂 So fun! Good luck at your new job!

  7. MyTwoLines said

    Hooray for all that progress! I’m glad you’re starting to feel better, too!

  8. Flygirl555 said

    Em – Love this post. I can feel your excitement in every word! Thanks for the descriptions of morning sickness and how your ute is growing. Amazing to read about! Can’t wait until you feel those first little flutters of tiny baby kicks!

    Enjoy your last few days at your previous job and don’t overdo it!

    Looking forward to your next post!

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