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I’m Seeing Pink (15w6d)

Posted by auntiem10 on April 15, 2011

It appears that there are TWO GIRLS in my belly! Eeeeeeek! Baby A is absolutely a girl–we clearly saw those telltale girly bits. Baby B was a tiny bit more difficult to see, but the u/s tech seemed confident that she is also a girl. The peri came in and took a look, and he said he wouldn’t necessarily start buying pink for this baby yet, but that he also guessed girl. We will know for sure at our anatomy scan on May 11th.

We are so excited and still can’t believe things are going so smoothly. We feel very, very lucky. Many parts of the anatomy were measured today, and everything looks perfect. Both babies weigh 6 oz each, and they were wiggling away. Today we were able to see things like their cerebellum, their kidneys, fingers, toes, spines, and beautiful heartbeats of 153 bpm and 156 bpm. Both babies have plenty of amniotic fluid, too. It’s great to be celebrating 16 weeks tomorrow with such good news.

My weight is up 2 lbs, but that’s appropriate at this point since I already had some extra IVF weight when we got our BFP. My nurse exclaimed, “You look so great!” and it made me feel like a million bucks. : ) I’m still throwing up a few times a week and having to take generic zofran. I also have what is called “rhinitis of pregnancy.” Every night, my nose is stopped up and it bleeds when I try to clear it. This morning, I threw up blood, which really freaked me out. I talked to the nurse, and she thinks that my sinus cavities are dry and that we should use a humidifier in our room. I also have a weird (non-itchy) rash on both sides of my neck, and the peri thinks it may be a fungal infection. I have to apply Selsun Blue (dandruff shampoo) to my neck daily to hopefully clear it up! If that doesn’t work, I have to resort to a yeast infection medication. This is so weird, as I never have skin issues. I have no idea what would have caused it, but hopefully one of these remedies will make it go away.

I go back to the peri for my first cervical check on April 27th. Hopefully everything will be long and closed for quite some time. Then we’ll have a more detailed anatomy scan a few weeks after that, so things are really picking up now!


13 Responses to “I’m Seeing Pink (15w6d)”

  1. R said

    Yay for girls! Try a Netti Pot for your sinuses it’s a disgusting miracle worker.

  2. Josey said

    Oh wow – how fun!!! I feel like it is even more real when you know the gender. 🙂 Congrats on your little girls!! (and good luck with your skin issues *LOL*)

  3. LisainSK said

    Ahhhh…way to go Team Girl! And with regard to the rash on your skin…who knows?! Pregnancy does all kinds of weird stuff to us! Take care…so excited for you!

  4. Jennifer said

    Yay for girls! I thought it so but didn’t want to say! And I totally had the sinus thing too. But 2 pounds? That’s it? I’m jealous! Congrats again!

  5. Little Diiorios said

    wow!! better double up on girl name ideas!! how sweet and precious! wonderfull…so happy for you.

  6. Pie said

    Very exciting!! My nose was very dry too during pregnancy, we used a humidifier and I swear by a little vaseline up your nose (gross, i know) every night. just put a tiny bit on a q-tip and stick it up there. i’ve heard neti pots are good too, but could never get them to work right.

    Go Team Pink!

  7. A.E. said

    This is the BEST news!
    So sorry about the yuck side effects. Heaven knows they’re worth it : )

  8. Anonymous said

    Congrats on your two precious little girls!!!! So fun to start plannng and shopping!!!! Enjoy:)

  9. Lindsay said

    That above post was from me 🙂

  10. Flygirl555 said

    Let the shopping for ruffles, bows and patent leather mary janes begin!!! So, so, so happy for you!!! Glad you got to see your LO’s!

  11. Wishing and Waiting said

    Congrats on 2 girls. I am delighted for you. Continued blessings to you

  12. Anonymous said

    OMG, you are going to have so much fun shopping for the girls! That’s so exciting!

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