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Posted by auntiem10 on May 14, 2011

Today marks 20 weeks of pregnancy! This feels like a big milestone to me, because all that’s left after the 20s are the 30s! I remember feeling so excited when we hit 10 weeks and were in double digits, and I feel even more excited now. We feel so fortunate that these first 20 weeks have gone so smoothly.

I had my first noticeable instance of swollen ankles on Thursday night. We could not see my ankle bone at all, and my hubby referred to them as “cankles.” LOL. I’ve wished for pregnancy-induced cankles forever, so I won’t complain! My blood pressure checked out nice and normal just a few days before this incident, and I gave a urine sample and haven’t heard anything from my peri’s office, so I assume the swollen feet are just a normal and natural part of pregnancy and not a sign of anything bad at this point. Plus I’m having to wear tennis shoes to work every day due to my knee injury, so maybe having restrictive shoes are not helping matters. I’m being careful not to overdo it, so I hope to keep the swelling under control.

I am so, so hungry right now! I feel like besides having two growing humans in my belly, I am also growing a second stomach. A few hours after dinner every night, my stomach starts growling. We eat nutritious dinners the majority of the time (Thursday night was grilled chicken with a slice of cheese on top and a side of grilled asparagus, for example), so it’s not like I’m eating empty calories. I am just hungry! My body must be working hard and needing extra fuel, so I oblige and eat. : ) This appetite of mine is something else!

I’m also FINALLY starting to notice a baby bump. I just assumed by now it would be really noticeable, but up until about a week ago, I hadn’t noticed any real belly growth. Many women in our lives have told us that it can take longer to “show” with your first baby, because your uterus has never had to contract before. In a training class a few weeks ago, a classmate told me, “You’re so tiny for twins!” And a family member recently told me, “You don’t even look pregnant!” These kinds of comments have been kind of upsetting to me, honestly. I want to revel in pregnancy and admire/enjoy my big belly. Hopefully now that it’s growing a little bit, it will continue expanding! I’m ready for a Shamu belly. : ) My hubby keeps warning me that when I’m gigantic and my back is killing me, I’ll regret wishing for it! Ha!

I am feeling more and more movement, mostly from the right side of my belly (where Baby A has taken up residence). Baby B’s placenta is anterior and muffles movement, so I have to wait until she’s bigger to feel her movements. I think I have felt her a couple of times, but Baby A is fluttering in there a lot this week. I can’t wait to feel a real kick! I told my hubby that I almost thought I felt the first one ever from Baby A last night, but it could have been digestion. He is anticipating being able to feel their kicks from the outside, so that is something to look forward to in the coming weeks. Our nurse practitioner said consistent kicks might still be 2-4 weeks away, which is not too long to wait!


7 Responses to “Twenties!”

  1. LisainSK said

    Whooo hoooo! Welcome to the 20s!! I too had like unbelievable appetite too…had to eat every 2 hours day and night. So you are not alone. But the last 10 days (now 30 weeks) my appetite has appeared to have returned to normal pre-pg levels. I haven’t gained as much weight either. As long as baby is growing fine I am okay to not eat so much! Take care…cant wait for you to feel your first kicks…just around the corner.

  2. R said

    Congrats on 20weeks. That’s awesome. So glad you are feeling well.

  3. flygirl said

    20 weeks and flutters! How exciting!

    I’m just following along in your footseps, so keep the wonderful posts coming!

    Glad to hear you’re eating well. Dinner sounded delicious. Will you dedicate a future post on other meals like this? I can use some ideas…

  4. Lindsay (lc1) said

    Congrats on being on the twenties!!!! Ya- I can relate to the extreme hunger! It has seem
    To have gone away now for me at 33wks. So fun to feel movement, one of my twins has an anterior placenta and I feel her move a lot less too.

  5. Josey said

    No bump until the 20s? You are going to be the MOST ADORABLE pregnant woman ever. I know you probably wanted to show earlier, but you’re going to get another 20 weeks to enjoy being adorable and not a house. Lucky you. 🙂

    Glad to hear everything is going well!!!

  6. Mamru said

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  7. Cassie said

    Wow, time flies – congrats on 20 weeks! And don’t worry about not being too big yet – you’ll be happy later.

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