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Posted by auntiem10 on May 23, 2011

I passed the 21-week mark this past Saturday! I’m counting down the days until June 11, which will be a milestone day for us–Viability Day!

I’m feeling more and more flutters/thumps in my belly. I THINK they are kicks, but they are just not very consistent yet. And they are higher up than I expected, so I keep second-guessing myself (like maybe it’s digestion?). I have managed to feel these thumps from the outside twice now, but if I put my hand on my stomach and wait for the next thump, nothing happens. It is frustrating. My hubby has also rested his hand on my belly, eagerly anticipating a thump, and nothing happens. I realize that we just need to be patient and that these sensations will become more consistent as the weeks pass.

I have bigger cankles now. Over the last week or so, I noticed that my tennis shoes were feeling tighter and tighter. I was loosening the laces, and my feet still felt crammed in them. And over the past few days, my feet are swelling noticeably throughout the day. It feels weird to move my toes, and they look awful. I’ve been elevating my legs at night to rid myself of some of the swelling, which helps until gravity takes over the next day. My next peri appointment is Thursday (a cervical check and quick peek at the babies), so I plan to discuss this with the doctor or NP, whoever I see. They check my urine for protein at every appointment (bi-weekly) and also monitor my blood pressure, and I’ve had zero headaches, so I’m not worried about anyone missing signs of pre-eclampsia. I am thankful to be monitored so closely. I plan to bump up my water intake even more and try to avoid sodium to keep the swelling under control, and hopefully that will help.

Yesterday we watched our 3-month-old niece for about three hours while her parents ran some errands. I love seeing my hubby so hands-on with her. He’s never really been around babies before, so he is learning as he goes with her. He fed her the first bottle shortly after we arrived, and she had a total blowout in his arms. Therefore, he got to change his first poopy diaper. : ) I thought he was going to gag when he started, but he did a great job. We had some clumsy moments (like accidentally getting a little poop on her changing pad cover and forgetting to place the little ring around the nipple so the bottle kind of leaked), but overall I think we were pretty successful. We entertained her by talking to her in singsong voices, and she was grinning from ear to ear at her silly uncle and aunt. I fed her the second bottle, and she was struggling to stay awake while eating. I kept having to jiggle the nipple around in her mouth to wake her up so that she could finish her formula. I burped her and then let her take a catnap on my shoulder until her parents returned home. I realized while watching her how natural it felt to care for a baby, and how good it felt to rock in the recliner with her in my arms. It honestly made my weekend. I know we are not always going to have all the answers and will likely feel overwhelmed at times when we are 100% responsible for the two babies baking away in my belly, but I’m confident now that we can handle it! That is a great feeling.


4 Responses to “21w2d”

  1. R said

    Wow 21w! So glad you are feeling well (except for the cankles). Enjoy your next peak at the girls.

  2. Maggie said

    Excited to see an update…..glad all is well!!!

  3. LisainSK said

    So awesome AuntiEm!!!

  4. Cassie said

    What a great update. Those flutters are definitely kicks, or other movements. I know how frustrating it is at first when they are so inconsistent and hard to feel from the outside. It’s going to be wonderful once your DH is able to feel it as well!
    And that’s great that you are both getting some practice with your niece – you are going to do a great job with your own!

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