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23 Weeks!

Posted by auntiem10 on June 4, 2011

Today we celebrate 23 weeks of pregnancy! Especially in light of recent clumsy events in my life, I am so thankful to be marking this milestone.

I was released from the hospital on Thursday evening after nine days. I’m now at home, on a hospital bed in our living room. All of our bedrooms are on the second floor of our home, and there is no way I can access them, so I’m living in the living room for the immediate future. Currently I cannot put weight on either leg and am totally dependent on my husband (or mom for the next few weeks) to help care for me. It really, really stinks. I have to slide across a board to a bedside commode to use the toilet–yuck. Tomorrow marks the beginning of physical therapy when a therapist is scheduled to visit our home for the first time, so I can only hope that I’ll be able to make progress quickly and regain some of my independence. I am ready to work hard so I can recover before these babies arrive in the world. I obviously feel bad about burdening my hubby with having to do so much for me (this is definitely the “for worse” part of the “for better or for worse” wedding vow), and I can’t wait until I can care for myself again. I’m also unable to work right now, so my main job is to heal and work hard at therapy so I can get my life back.

About my freak accident… I did inherit a bone disease at birth that causes my bones to be fragile. I broke many bones from birth through about age 5, and then my bones strengthened. I have broken a bone here or there through the years (most recently in 2004), but nothing on the scale of this accident. In recent years, my biggest problem has been a dislocating kneecap, with loose joints being a side effect of this disease. My peri believes that my belly threw off my center of balance, causing my fall. I’m inclined to believe that despite taking prenatals and calcium supplements daily, the babies must be taking quite a bit of my small store of calcium and collagen, weakening my bones. How else can I explain falling in the shower and fracturing three bones, including my femur (which is hard to break). “Careful” will probably be the main theme in our house until those babies are here and I can strengthen my bones again. And unfortunately, our babies each have a 50% chance of inheriting this same disease, which is why we headed straight to a high-risk doctor once released from CCRM.

In the hospital our babies’ heartbeats were checked every single morning, and that was very reassuring. The past few days, I haven’t felt much of the thumps that I was feeling last week. This has brought on some paranoia, and I can’t wait for our next appointment at the perinatologist next Wednesday to be reassured that everything is still going okay.

Today we received the invitation to the baby shower my sister is hosting for us! I never quite imagined having to attend my baby shower in a wheelchair, but I’m just thankful that my sister is doing this for us and that I’ll get to catch up with family and friends. The shower is two weeks from today! I imagine that I’ll cry tears of happiness throughout the shower, because I never thought I would be here. It’s still amazing and too good to be true.


7 Responses to “23 Weeks!”

  1. LisainSK said

    Em…I am soo confident your determination to get strong again for the babies will be a slam dunk for you. You are so incredibly strong. I am soo sorry you are bedridden when you should be enjoying your pg…and I am sorry. Please dont ever feel the need to hold back because you have been through soo sooo much with this accident. Here when you need me.

  2. R said

    So relieved that home and the babies are doing well. Hope that physio will help you get some independence back too!

  3. Wishing and Waiting said

    Dear Auntie Em, it’s great to hear that you are home. I am sorry that you are bedridden. Wishing you well with the physio and hoping you are not in much pain.

  4. soulshine said

    i now remember about your bones. how scary it must have been for you-
    you have such a forward, strong outlook, which i am sure will help you in your recovery.

    i am thinking that it is normal to feel fluctuations in the movements of the babies at this point in your pregnancy, but i have to add that- the mother’s sense of fetal movement is the best indicator as to fetal health- so if you ever have even the smallest concern about less movement, please call to be checked- you aren’t being a pain and this is what your doc’s are there for.

    i am so sorry you will be laid up for a while- the commode sounds not-so-lovely, but hopefully this will just be a blip in your memories soon, fast-forward a few months from now when you are holding your babies safe and sound…

    thinking of you! update often!

  5. Anonymous said

    Yay for 23 weeks!!! So glad the babies are doing well 🙂 Hope your recovery is quick and you gain your independence very soon. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers……

  6. Jaz said

    HI I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog and picturing my DH and I going through the same success and excitement (we’re doing our FET in June). Just wanted to share that your fall, etc reminded me of your DREAM! Your first pregnancy dream where:
    – you had two girls
    – for some reason instead of being on the 2d floor where they were supposed to be, the girls were in the living room
    – there was a fall
    – and you weren’t sure at first
    – but turned your baby over “revealing” that she was ok.

    Throughout my many losses, etc, I have always had vivid dreams that predicted them and “diagnosed” my problems, which I would go on to fix, to the point now we know exactly what to do to keep a healthy pregnancy.
    So I really paid attention to your dream and b/c I really believe these dreams can happen, I thought, hmm, let me read on, bc I’m guessing there’s going to be an incident, maybe involving a fall, and thank god the babies are going to be ok.
    2 days later I got to the part about your fall and there you go!
    -You did have two girls in there.
    -There was a fall (I guess you and your girls are “one” in your mind… as you were in fact, while pregnant.)
    -You are in the living room instead of the 2d floor (and therefore so are the babies).
    -You weren’t sure the babies were ok at first
    – but it was “revealed” (ultrasound) that they were.
    I would even say that the “rushing” to check on the baby who fell was predictive of the emergency nature of your fall, that you were “rushed” to the hospital and even to the babies’ hospital where your perinatalogist was.
    Wow. I’m always amazed at how in tune women can be with their bodies especially during these intensely fertile feminine times.
    Just wanted to share that fun interpretation with you – had you ever considered the similarities?
    Take care and I’m going to enjoy completing your blog read!

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