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Posted by auntiem10 on June 21, 2011

Things are pretty quiet for me right now, as I continue to heal from my accident. It happened four weeks ago, and I am starting to see a little bit of progress. We returned to the orthopedist on Monday, and the nurse cut off my plaster cast and fitted me in a hinged brace. Now I can start working on bending my knee a little (only to a 40-degree angle) and putting partial weight on it. My physical therapist worked with me today on bending it and plans to have me taking a few steps by the end of the week. My main goal is to regain my independence ASAP!

This past weekend, my sister hosted a baby shower for us. My hubby also attended in case I needed help. We had 50+ guests, and it was quite overwhelming! We received an unbelievable number of gifts, more than we ever expected. Gifts are still arriving on our doorstep, literally. I think my family is carried away at the thought of twin girls! We filled up a huge gift bag with some of the clothing that we received, and my hubby placed it on our scale to check its weight because it was so heavy. It weighed 15.5 lbs! Then we have another huge pile of clothing in the hamper that my mom bought for us (that matches the babies’ bedding). I’m sure we have way more clothing than our babies will ever be able to wear, but we will share with my SIL, who is due three weeks after we are. We feel extremely lucky to have so many family members who care so much about us! The next shower is July 10th, and hopefully I will be quite a bit more mobile by then. My handicap made the shower this past weekend pretty stressful. I definitely did not envision attending this shower in a wheelchair, but I’m glad I was able to go.

We return to the orthopedist and perinatologist on July 11th, so I’ll just be working on physical therapy until then. I’m hoping to return to work in mid-July until the babies come. Life is moving pretty slowly right now, but the important thing is that I’m healing. I hope everyone out there is doing well!


5 Responses to “25w3d”

  1. LisainSK said

    Hey Em! Glad to hear you are healing. I am so certain you will work hard at your physical therapy. And your shower sounded more like a flood!! So awesome!

  2. Pie said

    Slow is good, you need slow right now. Heal up, and your twins will keep you busy busy busy soon enough.

  3. Josey said

    So glad to hear you’ve been healing up okay. What a month!

  4. R said

    So glad you are healing and able to attend your shower.

  5. Wishing and Waiting said

    Glad that you are doing better and so excited that you had a wonderful shower. Continued blessings

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