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28w6d: 3D Ultrasound!

Posted by auntiem10 on July 17, 2011

Here is a glimpse of our daughters!!!

Baby A:

Baby B:

We went for our 3D ultrasound this past Friday (July 15th) at 28w6d. Baby B was being bashful and we couldn’t capture her face directly, so these side profile shots were the best we could get. It appeared that she was protecting her face with her hands because her sister kept kicking her! My hubby and I were amazed at how little separation exists between their two amniotic sacs. We could literally see Baby A’s legs entering the picture and kicking Baby B in the face/head. Poor thing! We received a 40-minute DVD capturing the entire ultrasound, and we will treasure it forever!

Two cribs, a changing table, and a dresser are now assembled in their nusery. Surreal. Now that I’m finally able to make it upstairs, my hubby was able to start putting things together. We are in the beginning stages of furnishing the room, but we’re really happy with how everything looks so far. Exciting!

Our next appointment is on the 29th at 30w6d. I’ll repeat the gestational diabetes test at that appointment, and we’ll have another ultrasound. My belly is really growing bigger by the week now–the bump is pretty obvious, especially when I stand up. My ankles are on-and-off swollen, and the only ring currently fitting is my wedding ring, so that’s all I’m wearing. The babies are bouncing around like crazy inside of me, and I love every reassuring little movement. We have already decided that we’re done having children after these two, so I’m just trying to sit back and soak up every thump, kick, and crampy in-my-ribs feeling.

So that’s about it for now. I return to the orthopedist on Thursday and am hoping to say good riddance to my big hinged knee brace. I made it up our staircase for the first time in seven weeks early last week and have been sleeping in my own bed ever since, thank goodness. I’m planning to call the medical equipment company midweek to have my hospital bed picked up, as long as I continue to do okay. I’m starting to get pretty uncomfortable (mostly in my hips and back) when I sleep, so I’m thankful for my bed. I’ve also taken a REAL shower twice now! I’ve only been able to take sponge baths since the accident happened on May 25th. Taking an actual shower has been a little scary, since I’m using the shower that was the scene of my accident, but my hubby made plenty of modifications to make things safer for me. He removed our shower doors and replaced them with a curtain and curtain rod so I can access the shower more easily, installed “just in case” grab bars on the walls, installed a new shower nozzle with a handheld sprayer, etc etc. My doctor ordered a shower seat for me, too, so I don’t see how we can make things much safer. I’ll never take a shower for granted again! : )


6 Responses to “28w6d: 3D Ultrasound!”

  1. LisainSK said

    Yes no doubt! After your accident I took it upon myself to do make sure our shower was safe too! Love the 3D pics!! So wish we could have done that. And your recovery sounds amazing!! Great job!

  2. R said

    Wow those are some crazy pictures, they are beautiful. Glad you are feeling much better and sleeping in your bed again.

  3. Anonymous said

    Both beautiful miracles. Glad to read everyone is doing well!

  4. Cassie said


  5. Flygirl555 said

    Happy to hear you are back on your feet again and able to make it upstairs. It must feel good to sleep in your own bed.

    The girls are just beautiful!

  6. Josey said

    Congrats on making it up the stairs finally!!!! Glad to hear all is going well.

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