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Posted by auntiem10 on July 24, 2011

We passed the 30-week mark yesterday! Woo-hoo!!!! Less than eight weeks to go at most. That is SUCH a crazy thought, but little by little it is sinking in. We are making good progress on our nursery. Furniture is up, decor is in progress, stuff is getting organized. The babies are getting the hiccups, and my husband got to feel Baby B hiccuping this morning. He was really excited. They are starting to make my belly move around when they move, which is funny and amazing all at the same time. My heartburn is out of control, and sleeping in any position is getting pretty uncomfortable. I am loving all of it!

I have a few weeks left before I return to my job part-time. I’m only going back 20-25 hours of week until the babies are born, which will be the best thing for me. No more knee brace (except climbing up and down the stairs because I still don’t feel confident that my leg won’t buckle), and this is my last week of in-home physical therapy before I transition to outpatient. I am making strides, however slow they may be, toward recovery. We are crossing our fingers that by the time our babies are born, I will have ditched my walker and will be closer to my normal state of mobility. I still have plenty of time, as long as they keep cooking inside of me for a while longer!


2 Responses to “30w1d!”

  1. R said

    Congrats on the 30 week mark. So exciting. Are you planning to post some nursery pics?

  2. LisainSK said

    Yeah!! Nursery Pics pleeease!! You sound like you are doing awesome!

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