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Posted by auntiem10 on August 3, 2011

Yesterday I drove to my perinatologist’s office at 31w3d for my first non-stress test (NST), and all was well! Turns out that I had an “irritable uterus,” meaning my uterus was cramping a bit during the 20-minute monitoring session. No contractions, though, thankfully! The technician told me that every patient that day had shown some contractions on the monitor due to the 108-degree heat. She said that to calm my uterus, I should go home and chug water and rest after the appointment, so that’s what I did.

My peri’s office wanted to record at least one movement from each baby during the 20 minutes of monitoring, as well as one instance of each baby’s heart rate increasing by 10 beats. This is all they expect from babies at 31 weeks gestation. A healthy baby’s heart rate increases as they move around inside their gestational sac, so that’s what the monitors check. Our babies passed this test with flying colors and, in fact, already passed the criteria for 32-weekers. The technician referred to them as overachievers, so we were relieved to hear that! We alternated between listening to Baby A’s heartbeat and Baby B’s heartbeat throughout the 20-minute session. Baby B had hiccups for a portion of the test, and it was funny to hear on the monitor. They were both kicking the monitors and being really active, and then they both snoozed toward the end of the test. We are thrilled with the excellent report we received!

I passed my second gestational diabetes test also, thankfully. The good news just keeps on coming. My peri’s office wanted to see a level under 135, and mine was 110. No further testing is required, so I am glad to have dodged that bullet. My heart goes to out to those of you (R in particular) who have had this extra stress during your pregnancies.

My next NST is on Friday morning, so hopefully it will go similarly well. From here on out, I go in for two NSTs per week. I think weekly ultrasounds start next week as well, so our babies are going to be very closely monitored for the rest of the time they are inside of me. I’m also starting back to work part-time on Monday AND fitting in three-times-per-week physical therapy sessions, so I am going to be one busy lady until these little girls arrive! : )


3 Responses to “31w4d”

  1. R said

    Yay, so glad the babies are doing well. I have my first NST tomorrow, so this was great info. Also thrilled you dodged the GD bullet, it truly sucks. Yes, you will be crazy busy, but time will fly and your girls will be here before you know it. 😉

  2. LC1 said

    Congrats on your little overachievers!!!

  3. Wishing and Waiting said

    Congrats on all of the good news. I hope we continue to follow in your footsteps as far as our babies are concerned. We’ll find out the sexes in a few weeks which is exciting! Glad your first NST went well and no GD for you. Can’t believe they will be here soon!

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