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32w4d: More NSTs and a C-Section Date!

Posted by auntiem10 on August 10, 2011

Since my last post, I’ve had two more non-stress tests (NSTs), and both have gone very well! On Friday I was having uterine irritability similar to what was recorded at my first NST, but my uterus was calmer yesterday. Still no contractions recorded by the monitoring machine. On Friday, the babies were called overachievers again, and yesterday the technician labeled them “beautiful.” They bounce all around during the monitoring session, making it difficult to record their heart rates because they somersault away from the monitors and require the tech to hunt for them.

Yesterday when I arrived at the doctor’s office, my blood pressure was a little elevated (139/97). I felt that I was just wound up from my second day back at my job and walking into the hospital with my walker (I’m still building up to walking longer distances). However, the doctor (in my opinion) overreacted and made me give a urine sample and bloodwork. She was also worried about the heartburn/acid reflux I’ve been experiencing and thought my liver and kidneys may not be functioning properly, so I had more blood drawn for those tests. I’m sure everything is fine and my abdomen is just being compressed by 9+ lbs of baby! My blood pressure was taken again later during the NST, and of course it was down to 126/79. Much better.

We are now officially on the O.R. C-section schedule for Tuesday, September 13th! By that point we will be at 37w3d, so I think there is a decent chance that the babies may come earlier. The nurse practitioner thought we would make it no later than Friday, September 9th, so we will just cross our fingers to make it all the way to our scheduled date. I’m now stressed that my water will break unexpectedly and am trying to arrange for the possibility of emergency petsitting services for my two dogs (who are my babies). I had always imagined having a little more control over the situation with a c-section, thinking they would schedule it before there would be a serious risk of going into labor on my own, and allowing us to make arrangements for our pets. That bubble has definitely popped, as the nurse explained yesterday that their practice does not deliver before 37 weeks unless the body goes into labor on its own. I’m an overbearing pet parent and refuse to board my pets because of the negative effect it has on them, and I refuse to leave them alone overnight as well. Hopefully I can receive some reassurance that they’ll be taken care of in the event of a rushed trip to the hospital!

Last night we attended an infant CPR class. I found it to be very beneficial and would recommend it to anyone. I fear the babies choking on food as they transition to solids or having some type of respiratory distress that requires CPR, and now we know what to do in that scenario. Last week we attended a Newborn Care class, during which we learned skills like bathing and swaddling a newborn. We also learned what happens right after the babies are born, like the medications they are given and the tests that are run. These are the only classes we will be taking, but I’m really glad we took the time to go to both. We feel a little more prepared now!

I returned to work part-time on Monday. On one hand, it is nice to get back into a routine and have responsibility again. Sitting around my house, reading, and watching TV really was getting very boring and every day lasted an eternity. But on the other hand, I have to roll around in a wheelchair at work for the remainder of my pregnancy and despise the unwanted attention at this young, active company. Every day feels like a struggle during which I can’t open heavy doors to the bathroom or the building’s entrance and exit, I shuffle at a turtle’s pace out to my car before and after work, and I have to ask for help for the simplest tasks. And after work every day, I have either an NST, physical therapy, or both. By the time I shuffle my way into my house after work and appointments, my shoulder and legs ache, and I feel exhausted. My mom keeps reminding me that everything has seemed like a struggle at first as I have recovered from my injuries, and each task has gradually become easier, as will making it through my daily work and appointment schedule. I guess she is right, but some days I feel resentful of my slow-as-molasses recovery.

I am also struggling to accept the fact that I won’t be back to my normal state of mobility when these babies are born, even if they make it all the way to September 13th. I am hopeful that I’ll be walking short distances without a walker by then if my leg continues to heal, but I’m quite sure at this point that I won’t be walking into the children’s hospital under my own power for Baby A’s clubbed feet appointments or toting our babies up and down our stairs. It stinks for my husband that he’ll be shouldered with more than his fair share of responsibility, but I know he realizes that I can’t force my body to heal itself. Maybe after the babies are on the outside, my body can devote its full resources to healing, and I’ll see more rapid improvement. The thought of my mom or mother-in-law mothering our babies after their birth because my injuries prevent me from doing so makes me incredibly upset, so their impending birth is my biggest motivator to work my rear off in PT.

I am starting to feel VERY overemotional about everything. I think I have bawled at least once a day for a week straight now, over what most people would probably consider silly things. This is NOT normal for me. Blame some of it on hormones, but honestly I just feel overwhelmed by everything going on right now–finishing the nursery, packing a diaper bag, installing car seats, assembling the various gadgets the babies will need, organizing their clothing, working, three-times-per-week physical therapy, twice-weekly doctor’s appointments, working on my recovery at home, and on and on. All of these things are 10 times more difficult since I’m not very mobile and lack stamina/endurance, and I feel like my back is up against the wall with regard to my recovery since the babies’ arrival is rapidly approaching. My husband is doing more than the lion’s share of the baby preparation, which breaks my heart because I really wanted to do some of this stuff all by myself. I easily get very frustrated and very worn out, which is not a good combination for my tear ducts. I will stop whining, but it felt good to get these emotions out! : )


10 Responses to “32w4d: More NSTs and a C-Section Date!”

  1. Josey said

    It’s understandable that you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed with emotions lately – you have a huge changes happening in your life (and in your body). I’m so glad your girls are doing well, and I’m sure that once they’re out, you’re right that your body will be able to concentrate more on healing itself up more quickly.

    Wow, how fun to have a date in mind – crazy to think you’ll have your girls in your arms in the next month or so!

  2. Lindsay said

    That’s so exciting you have an official c-section date! I know the feeling of wondering if it will happen sooner though….I remember checking constantly to see if my water had broken and often wondering if I was starting to feel contractions. Always anticipating it could happen at any moment!! I admire your strength as you work toward your recovery during a twin pregnancy… NOT easy! I could barely walk and I wasn’t even injured for my twin pregnancy… I used a wheelchair since I was on bedrest but also cause it was too exhausting to walk! Even baby steps is great progress. I totally understand how you’d be emotional, you have a lot on your plate. But you will get through it, it sounds you have an amazing husband who is a great support. It’s true, I’m sure you will heal much faster once those babies are out. Hang in there…. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers šŸ™‚

  3. Jen said

    I can’t believe it’s a month away! And I think the emotional rollercoaster is par for pregnancy and then coupled with the other “fun” you’ve been having – it’s totally understandable. I remember always having a higher blood pressure when I would go to the doctor’s office. I guess just that white-coat effect but once I heard the heart beat, I calmed down. I think they should do the blood pressure check after you get settled, but that’s just me!
    Wishing you a stress-free end to your pregnancy. I can’t wait for your turn as a mommy to begin!

  4. MyTwoLines said

    I totally understand feeling overwhelmed! Two babies is A LOT of work and we were running around here like mad people for weeks getting ready not really knowing how old they would be when we got them, etc etc. I cannot imagine trying to get ready with the physical limitations you are facing right now. Hang in there, accept ALL THE HELP you can get!

  5. LisainSK said

    I was wondering when you were going to unload!! Hope it feels better. Gosh just thinking of you and babies often. You are under an incredible amount of stress right now never mind all the injuries and the club foot issue with your DD…oiy…so vent away! But one day at a time. And I know you are resentful that your MIL/mother will be very much needed for the babies care after birth…but trust me…take as much help as you can…just some advice for someone who does not have all the injury/complications you are faced with. And please watch that bp!! That I do have experience with. Do you have access to a bp monitor to monitor three times a day? My bps were sporadic like yours for weeks…perhaps yours is stress induced…but most like pg related. Just be careful!! Take care and big HUGS!

  6. LisainSK said

    Oh and due to my sporadic bps that started at week 23…I did nothing for fear of it elevating my bps and thus risking premature labour. So my husband too did like EVERYTHING. I felt like a big tool too…but like my DH said…”you’re doing the biggest job of all – gestating our baby and keeping him safe”…

  7. Anonymous said

    How exciting! I remember finding you blog for the first time and then reading it all in one day. I remember the day of your first beta and I kept checking the computer to see if it worked and now look. You are about to have twin girls in a few weeks! Congrats!

  8. flygirl555 said

    Where did the time go? September 12 (or sooner) will be here before you know it!

    Glad to hear you are back to being mobile – even if you’re not completely where you want to be. I completely understand about coordinating care for your dogs. We do not board our dogs either for the same reason – too stressful for them. Fortunately, we’ve always been able to find someone to stay in our home overnight with them.

    Enjoy these last few weeks of your pregnancy…we’ll be thinking of you!

  9. Wishing and Waiting said

    Glad to see that your pregnancy is coming to a beautiful ending and your being a mommy is about to begin. You have been through so much and you deserve to vent. We are here to listen (or read). You have been such an inspiration to me and many others and I am sure I speak for many when I say thank you. I know that doesn’t seem like much but I really appreciate the time and effort you have given to us in writing this blog and sharing your story. I an only 17 weeks now with twins and I feel that you have helped me start preparing. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care

  10. Maggie Fuller said

    Less than a month. Holy cow!!!! I can’t wait! Funny, you had lots of milestones on “the 13th”!

    Enjoy these last few weeks. A couple of tips: Video tape your belly – I will always treasure seeing the babies move – it is easy to forget! Take some belly pictures within the few days before. East ice cream and sleep šŸ™‚

    Instead of NST’s they did weekly u/s BPP’s for me….any chance they can do that for you to lighten your load?

    I am so excited for you!

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