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34 Weeks!

Posted by auntiem10 on August 20, 2011

Thanks for reading my last post and providing support in your comments. It means the world to me.

I can’t believe we are 34 weeks today! Only three weeks and a few days to go at most . . . unbelievable. Yesterday’s NST concluded three weeks of twice-weekly perfect results. The babies’ heart rates were perfect, I’ve had zero contractions, and the technicians were very pleased. The only small issue seems to be my slightly rising blood pressure. Their cutoff for escalation is 130/90, and I’ve crossed that barrier the last few appointments. Yesterday, for example, my first BP was 132/93, so the alarms sounded on the monitoring machine. The technician let me relax for 10 more minutes, and when she retook my BP, it was 124/85. This is becoming a pattern for me. My heart rate is VERY high right now (136 yesterday). No one seems too concerned, so I’m choosing not to worry about it either. I think once the babies are born, my body is going to give a sigh of relief after nine months of hard work!

Below is a picture of the babies’ nursery. It’s finished with the exception of needing curtains for the room’s window.

Originally we had grander plans for the nursery, but after my accident, we had to settle for what was easy and convenient. We still think it turned out really pretty and sweet. It looks spring-like with the minty green walls and butterfly/flower theme, which was our goal all along. I can’t seem to stay out of there… it’s just so amazing that we have a nursery in our house! Surreal.

Here is my belly (and rapidly-growing chest!) at 33 weeks:

My husband installed the car seats and took a pic with his phone:

I drive this car, and I want to squeal with delight every time I get in and see the backseat. : )

We are getting so close! This weekend will be spent tying up loose ends and continuing to get organized. I am starting to hit a brick wall with my energy level and am experiencing some back discomfort, so I am going to try to take it easy. We plan to attend a block party at my workplace tomorrow night and may go out for dinner tonight. Life is about to change, for the better!


5 Responses to “34 Weeks!”

  1. R said

    Your nursery is very sweet, I know your girls will love it! My pulse is also very fast, I think we are both just excited and anxious. Hoping the next 3 weeks are uneventful. Can’t wait for you to meet your daughters.

  2. LisainSK said

    Such a nice nursery!!! And your bump? I think this is the first belly shot I’ve seen?!! Looking great momma! Watch that bp…mine creeped up very quickly in the last few weeks.

  3. Flygirl555 said

    Em, the nursery is ADORABLE!!! I don’t know what could be any “grander” about it. Can’t believe you are in the home stretch now! Love the belly pic. Also love the picture of the car seats. Our car seats are sitting in our guest room in boxes and each time I look at them, I think about how they will look in our cars.

  4. LC1 said

    Love the nursery and the belly bump!!! Both beautiful!! 34 weeks is soooo great!!! You are in such a safe spot now if they came early! You are doing so great with a twin pregnancy especially considering your accident too!! Good job momma! So excited for you! It’s getting close!

  5. Maggie Fuller said

    Love the belly!!! You look great! And love the nursery – 2 sweet girls 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    It is coming so fast!

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