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Posted by auntiem10 on August 24, 2011

We may end up meeting these babies a little bit early!!!

Yesterday I went to my doctor’s office for my seventh non-stress test. I’m having no contractions on the monitors, and the babies passed their test easily, but my blood pressure was once again out of the range they like to see. The first BP check resulted in 131/92. The alarms on the monitor start beeping at 130/90, so I was officially over the optimal range. About 10 minutes later, a recheck resulted in 128/74. This was much better, but a third recheck at a different BP machine had me back up to 133/98. I know the two machines are likely to have differing results, but it was unsettling to the staff that 2/3 of the results were out of their preferred range.

Beyond the BP issue, I had traces of protein in my urine. Apparently this is the third time, although no one had mentioned this to me until yesterday. The problem doesn’t seem to be worsening yet, but it’s not a good sign. Add to that my extreme cankles and my newest symptom of not being able to easily bend my fingers when I wake up at night because they are filled with fluid, and you have moderate signs of pre-eclampsia. I didn’t gain any weight in the past week (I’m up 33 lbs total), which is common with pre-e, so that is good at least.

I talked to the peri after all of these results were in. She said the BP issues are becoming a pattern and at this point (almost 35 weeks), they start to analyze whether the womb is a more preferable environment than the outside world. We are really past the critical stages of prematurity, so there is no reason to panic even if they do need to be taken out before Week 37 as scheduled. I asked whether my issues could result in an earlier c-section date, and she said yes. I’m being monitored weekly, and we will just re-evaluate at each appointment. On Friday, we have a growth scan scheduled as well as our second non-stress test of the week, and hopefully my BP will at least be stable. It would be nice to make it at least until next week! They will estimate each baby’s weight on Friday, and we are hoping for 6 lbs per baby by then. They were 4 lbs 6 oz and 4 lbs 1 oz on July 29, and supposedly they gain around 1/2 lb per week at this point, so 6 lbs seems pretty reasonable if they have continued to thrive in my body.

No matter what, we are going to meet these babies in less than three weeks. I just can’t believe it… the time has passed so quickly! I will never be pregnant again, so I am trying to revel in the crazy movements occurring inside of my body. I wish I could bottle up these moments so I can relive them again when I have baby fever (which I know is bound to happen), but instead I’ll just have to rely on memories of this time. This experience has been such a tremendous gift. The aches and pains of these last weeks of pregnancy will not be missed, though! : ) Being able to bend over comfortably and roll onto my stomach at night (and wear clothes without an elastic waistband) are all things I’m looking forward to in the near future.

My nervous feelings are easing, replaced by excitement and the knowledge that this will all come naturally to us after those babies are placed in our arms. We aren’t going to do everything perfectly, but no parent does. We will have support from friends and family, and the nurses in the hospital will teach us a lot as well. I’m a little nervous about the c-section and apprehensive about spending more time in the hospital and being in more pain after what I went through this summer, but I’m reminding myself that at least this time it will be for a good reason.

I also accept that once I am not pregnant anymore, my body can heal more quickly from my accident, and I should be up and walking without my walker more quickly. I don’t think I’ll be walking independently yet when they are born, even if we make it all the way to 9/13, but the hubby and I have accepted that at this point. I’ve achieved peace with it, because that’s all I can do. I will return to physical therapy a few weeks after my c-section, with my doctor’s permission, and work my rear end off to regain my normal mobility ASAP. I’m so lucky that my husband is able to take off 10 entire weeks from work, so I can attend physical therapy sessions while he (and probably his mom or my mom) tend to the babies. By the time the 10 weeks is up, I’m determined to be fully healed.

I will update again on Friday afternoon after my appointment and the baby shower that my hubby’s work is hosting for us. Hopefully we can make it into next week with these babies still inside of me.


7 Responses to “34w4d”

  1. Josey said

    I’m so glad you’re to the point where the babies are past the scary part of delivering early!! Hoping you can keep them inside for another couple of weeks, but WOW, so exciting that you get to meet your girls soon!!

  2. Julie said

    I am so, so excited for you M! Those babies are doing wonderfully, and it sounds like you are at the point where it wouldn’t be so scary to have them join you on the outside. But I will keep my fingers crossed that they can stay inside babies for just a bit longer! What you’re experiencing is exactly what I went through towards the end of my pregnancy, and why I ended up with my c-section a little earlier than planned.

  3. Pie said

    Its almost here!! I’m so glad you are being closely monitored. Can’t wait to hear Friday’s report.

  4. Kelli said

    My twin girls were born at 34 weeks, 3 days and are now 4 months and thriving.  One was 4lb 1 oz and the other 4lb 10 oz.  One of them spent a week and a half in the NICU, and the other spent 3 weeks.  Their only problem was learning to eat from a bottle.  The suck/swallow reflex doesn’t usually kick in until 37 weeks.  That was the only thing we had to wait on for them to come home.  They are doing perfectly now and we haven’t noticed any lags in their development whatsoever.  So in my book, you are doing great!!

  5. Rambler said

    Wow!! So close… Hang in there, you are doing marvelously! Babies are big and healthy and coming home so soon. Thrilled for you!!

  6. Little Diiorios said

    So exciting…I can’t wait to meet those girls eithe!! thanks for the update….hang in there…you’ve been an inspiration through all your trials. Really hoping it all goes smoothly!

  7. R said

    Good luck, I know that you have done EVERYTHING to give those girls the best outcomes whenevr theybare born. Good luck on Friday!

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