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34w6d: First Trip to L&D

Posted by auntiem10 on August 26, 2011

Today I earned my first trip to Labor & Delivery because my blood pressure was too high. I’ve been officially diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. The first reading taken during my NST was 134/101, and the second was 136/105. The babies passed their test with flying colors and were doing great, and I still haven’t had a contraction, so we are thankful that the only issue is my BP. The technician instructed me to rest on my left side for about 10 minutes, and then she checked my BP again. This time, it was much closer to normal, but the doctor still didn’t like the pattern and ordered us admitted to Labor & Delivery for more monitoring and tests. There was talk of delivering the babies today, and the hubby and I got very excited. I realized how ready we are!

A short elevator ride later, I was hooked up to a blood pressure machine and instructed to rest on my left side again. The highest my BP read over the next hour was about 128/83, which is much better than 136/105. They also drew blood and tested my urine. After several BP readings, we were allowed to go downstairs for our LAST growth scan while we awaited the lab results. Thankfully, the babies looked so wonderful. They were both measuring about a week ahead overall, and they are going to be big and healthy–Baby A is estimated to weigh 6 lbs 9 oz, and Baby B is estimated to weigh 6 lbs 5 oz! Since we are so close to delivery at this point, it is very difficult to identify much during the scans because both babies’ bones have calcified. One thing we could see very clearly is that Baby B has tons of hair! It was waving around in the amniotic fluid. I can’t wait to touch it! : )

After our growth scan, we went back up to L&D to learn the results of my lab tests. Everything looked to be in good shape, so we were discharged and allowed to go home.ย The plan is to just monitor the pre-e for now and play it by ear. I go in every Tuesday and Friday, so I am being monitored very closely. The staff wrote on my husband’s F.M..L.A paperwork that our babies are likely to be born premature and require time in the NICU, so I’m thinking this means they are no longer expecting us to make it to our scheduled date. We may meet our daughters by next week!


6 Responses to “34w6d: First Trip to L&D”

  1. Josey said

    Wow – those are big birth weights for twins! How awesome!!
    I’m glad they’re still in there cooking, but I can’t wait to see pics of them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Flygirl555 said

    Despite the small “bump” sounds like everything is going spectacular! Can’t believe they’ll be here soon!

  3. Maggie Fuller said

    wow!!! Getting so close!! Keep the updates coming!

  4. Wishing and Waiting said

    I can’t believe the day is almost here. I am so excited for you and pray for a great delivery and health for your two princesses. Despite all you have been through, you have done very well and reading your posts has been such a comfort for me as I follow in your tracks. Best wishes and I’ll continue to follow your blog

  5. Anonymous said

    Thanks so much for the continued updates – I wish you all the best in the upcoming days! It has been so helpful to read what you’ve been through so that I have some idea of what is coming ahead for me. I’m now at 21 weeks from IVF-ICSI with Dr. Surrey, it’s a girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. LisainSK said

    OOHHHH…the anticipation is too much to bear! Hang in there!!

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