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35w4d: Holding Pattern for Now

Posted by auntiem10 on August 31, 2011

Yesterday we returned to our peri, with our suitcase packed in our vehicle, for our fourth-to-last NST. We actually wondered if we may meet our babies after the slight scare on Friday, but things seemed much more stable yesterday and delivery was not discussed. My blood pressure clocked in at 133/91, which is not great but did not cause the panic from last Friday. The alarms on the monitor start ringing at 130/90, though, so I had to turn to my left side and rest for a bit before retesting. This time, my BP was 117/82… obviously much better.

The NST itself was perfect… the babies were performing a circus act inside my belly, moving all around and kicking the monitors and letting their little hearts accelerate and decelerate as the technician desired. They performed like champions. I still haven’t felt a real contraction, and none have shown up yet on the monitors. This body of mine is like F.ort Kno.x–I’m starting to think that if I had chosen natural childbirth, these two little ones may have arrived late! I really don’t have even the slightest signs of labor yet and am so amazed. I just assumed that something would be happening by 35.5 weeks when your uterus is filled with 13 lbs of babies!

I gave a urine sample, and there are still only traces of protein in there. So far my kidneys are pretty much holding up their end of the deal. I gained a little less than 1 lb since last Tuesday, for a total gain of 34 lbs. Pre-e patients can gain 5+ lbs in a week (from fluid buildup), so I was happy to see only a small gain.

This peri’s office has five perinatologists plus at least one nurse practitioner, and I basically see a different doctor (or NP) every time I go there. This means I pretty much receive a different medical opinion from every doctor, too. Yesterday we saw the NP for the first time in a while, and it’s her opinion that we may make it all the way to our scheduled c-section date (September 13th). So we are just going to attend each appointment with our suitcase packed in the car, just in case, but no longer really expecting to meet them this week or next.

I admit I was kind of disappointed yesterday, until I gave myself an attitude adjustment. I had really let myself get way too excited about the possibility of meeting them sooner rather than later. If they were born now, their lungs may or may not be mature, and they could require a little time in the NICU. We definitely want them to be able to come home with us, so I know that every day they remain inside me is beneficial. I’m now going to focus my anticipation on September 13th and hope that we make it until then. Thirteen more days until the 13th!

After the office visit, we scheduled our LAST office visit for next Tuesday. We’ll still have an NST and limited ultrasound next Friday, but our office visits conclude with next Tuesday’s appointment. SURREAL that we have made it to this point. One week and six days (or less) stand between us and the c-section that will usher our daughters into the world. I’ve already been thinking about how emotional and miraculous that day will be for us… hearing their cries and introducing them to our family members. I seriously think I may cry all day long that day from happiness. We have only three NSTs left at most, and despite the pregnancy aches and pains, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. I can’t wait to announce here that our family has expanded! Please stay tuned! : )


4 Responses to “35w4d: Holding Pattern for Now”

  1. Josey said

    SUCH awesome news that you’ve made it this far with the babes still inside you. I can’t believe you’re going to meet your girls so soon!!

    ps – you should post a belly pic šŸ™‚

  2. LC1 said

    Only 13 more days!! Getting soo close! I can’t wait for you to meet them!! What a special day it will be…… lots of tears of joy I am sure!

  3. Maggie Fuller said

    13 days!!! Yay!!!! I can’t wait to hear the names!

  4. LisainSK said

    Thank goodness all is well Em…so far so good. Hang in there…you’re two steps away from home plate! LisainSK

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