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36w6d: Last Office Appointment!

Posted by auntiem10 on September 9, 2011

Today was our last NST and ultrasound at our peri’s office! We started going there on March 1st of this year at 9 weeks and have spent a lot of time there over the past six months. It was kind of surreal to hear all the good-luck wishes from the staff; they all started taking a special interest in us after my accident in May.

The babies were a little sleepy today during the ultrasound. It turns out that there was an order for a biophysical profile (BPP) this time around. I’m not sure if they’ve been doing this every ultrasound, or if today was a special occasion. Baby A was snoozing with her right arm bent and her hand near her face. During the BPP, the u/s tech tries to capture different types of movement: flexing, practicing breathing, etc. Baby A was practicing breathing nearly the entire time, but she was too sleepy to perform any other movements. We watched her onscreen for a full 30 minutes, during which time she slept and slept. Baby B was initially sleepy, but started stretching out her legs and arms toward the end of the 30 minutes. The peri ended up coming into the u/s room after the 30 minutes and using a little buzzer to wake up Baby A. The buzzer vibrates against my belly and makes a noise that the babies can hear. The peri had the ultrasound picture trained on Baby A’s spine, and when the buzzer sounded, we saw her jerk her body in surprise. Then she moved around a little bit more, so the peri ended up giving her an 8/8 score on her BPP. He explained that when babies are lethargic, the first concern is that they are hypoxic (lacking oxygen). In that type of situation, the peri looks for signs of practice breathing first. A hypoxic baby would not waste his/her time or energy on practicing this skill. Since our Baby A was practicing breathing the entire scan, he wasn’t concerned about her oxygen supply. We were happy that she received a perfect score eventually!

The NST was similarly difficult today. The babies kept moving off the monitors, and the tech struggled to monitor their heartbeats consistently. They passed the test within about the first five minutes with their heart accelerations and decelerations, but it seemed a little harder today to keep track of them. They were apparently sleeping during this test as well because their heart rates stayed on the low side. Babies’ heart rates accelerate as they bob around inside their gestational sacs, so the fact that their heart rates stayed steady and in the 130s was a sign that they were probably snoozing. My blood pressure today was 139/90, which sadly is the best it’s been in quite a few weeks. The alarms on the machine didn’t even sound this time, which is good.

Four more days! Four more days! We can’t believe it’s the weekend before we become parents and our lives change forever. We are planning to spend the weekend quietly, having dinner out and spending time together and with our doggies. Their worlds are about to be totally rocked, too! : ) My next blog entry will hopefully include a few pictures of our babies!


11 Responses to “36w6d: Last Office Appointment!”

  1. LisainSK said

    AHHHHHHHHHHH….the suspense is KILLING me! Enjoy your last weekend as a family of 2.

  2. Pie said

    OMG 4 days!!! So very excited for you, and good job Mom keeping those babies in for the full time! They will be very happy to meet you soon too!

  3. R said

    Yay, cant wit to see pics of the two babies. Thinking of you!

  4. Sue said

    Yay!!! very much looking forward to baby pics and a story! But, you will be busy, so will wait patiently:-) Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Maggie Fuller said

    I keep thinking of you – getting sooo excited!!!!! Hope you are enjoying the weekend…..I can’t wait for everything! I hope I can support you through the craziness!!

  6. Flygirl555 said

    I can’t believe I am reading this! To know you and your DH will be holding your beautiful, precious, amazing little girls in your arms in less than 72 hours is an incredible thought! Best of luck! We’ll be thinking of you!

  7. Krista said

    Amazing. I have been reading your journey the entire time and so happy you. Can’t wait to see pics of the twins.

  8. Wishing and Waiting said

    I am so happy that your pregnancy journey is finally coming to a close and the parenthood journey is about to begin for you and DH. Congratulations and peace and blessings for a healthy and safe C-section. Your babies are blessed to have you as parents and I appreciate being able to follow your journey to see what I have to look forward to. (BTW we are having 2 boys. 21 weeks and counting. I pray that I do as well as you did)

  9. michelle said

    Can’t wait to see your pics and read how delivery went! Best of everything!!!!

  10. Anonymous said

    Can’t believe your delivery day has arrived! Can’t wait to read the details.

  11. Wishing and Waiting said

    I’ve been thinking abput you this morning. Feeling how excited and happy you must be this morning. Looking forward to pictures.

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