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Five Days Old

Posted by auntiem10 on September 18, 2011

The past five days have been completely overwhelming, but also the most wonderful stretch of days of my entire life. Simply put, I could not be happier to be totally exhausted and stretched to my limits. Already, being a mother is everything I dreamed of and more. Here are the babies leaving the hospital on Friday:

They are doing really well, eating more and more each day and keeping us up all night long because they have their days and nights mixed up. I would not trade this sleep deprivation for anything in the world.

Last Tuesday, we got stuck in traffic and checked into Labor & Delivery 20 minutes later than scheduled. Everyone was rushing around, trying to get us ready for our 10am time slot. I had to wash my body with some cleansing wipes, and then a nurse started an IV and began running saline through it. The anesthesiologist arrived to describe the spinal block, and we signed a bunch of forms. Just a few minutes before we were scheduled to go into the OR, we were bumped. A woman had been pushing for three hours without success, so she needed an emergency c-section. The situation was totally understandable, so we settled in to wait for our first glimpse of our daughters. The good thing about the wait was that all our family arrived at the hospital during this time, so they were able to come back to our room and hang out with us.

At about 1:30 p.m., I was finally wheeled back to the OR. The spinal block had been a major, major source of anxiety for me, so I trembled as the anesthesiologist did his thing. A student couldn’t quite find the right spot (scary!), so the main guy had to finish the job. Once the block was in, everyone hustled to get me into position before my lower half went totally numb. That numbness is SO weird.

After my peri made the first incision, my hubby was allowed to enter and sit next to me. A drape blocked our view, thank goodness. Within just a few minutes, we heard the two most miraculous cries in the world… our babies! Baby A was in position to arrive first, and Baby B arrived one minute later. My hubby hurried over to capture the moment as they were brought to warming stations and checked over. Periodically he came back to show me pictures as the surgeons ligated my fallopian tubes and closed me up. During this time, I became very nauseous and had to throw up. The anesthesiologist gave me anti-nausea meds through my IV, but they didn’t work quickly enough. The weird thing was that due to my numbness, I had no control over my throwing up. I just had to open my mouth and let the grossness work its way out. Yuck. Within a few moments, though, the anti-nausea meds took effect and I was fine after that.

The head of my perinatology practice showed up toward the end of surgery just to see the babies, which I thought was so nice. Apparently my hubby and I became special to the practice on account of this summer’s trials and tribulations due to my accident. He came over and told me that Baby A was really big and healthy, probably over 7 lbs. We were shocked when they said 7 lbs 10 oz! My hubby brought them over to me one at a time so I could see them, and right before surgery was complete, a nurse took our picture as a family of four. I will treasure this photo always.

We went back to our room, which was in the Recovery unit. Originally we were going to be selfish and spend a few hours alone with the babies, but since our surgery occurred so much later than planned, we decided to let family in immediately so they could see the babies before they had to leave town to go home. I loved seeing everyone’s faces as they gazed at our daughters for the first time.

The next three days in the hospital were a blur, honestly. The babies passed their hearing tests at 100%. There are no signs yet of my bone disorder, thank goodness. Doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have it, but baseline x-rays showed no signs of previous fractures, and everything has checked out fine up to this point. Baby A does have clubbed feet as diagnosed, and we start that treatment at our local children’s hospital this week. My incision is healing nicely, and I’m feeling really pretty good.

We are getting next to no sleep, since the babies are mixed up on days and nights. They don’t want to sleep in their pack & play at night–only on us. My hubby has been sleeping in our recliner, which he dragged into our walk-in closet. I sleep in the glider in our bedroom. We get the babies nice and snuggly, and then we try to put them down in their pack & play. Within five minutes, they are screaming hysterically. Rinse and repeat all night long. This morning Baby A actually went down in her pack & play and let me sleep in my own bed from 5:30 – 7:15, at which point we had to wake her because she needed to eat. So maybe she will start sleeping for longer stretches in there in the coming weeks.

So much more to say, but I need to tend to a baby. I sit here, listening to my little Baby A coo in her pack & play and look at my hubby snoozing on the couch across from me with Baby B on his chest, and I know that I’ve won the jackpot. The love I feel for my little family right now is seriously overwhelming, and I thank you all for following our story.


13 Responses to “Five Days Old”

  1. Wishing and Waiting said

    Congratulations and God bless all of you again! We are so happy for you. I want to thank you for sharing your story. I am so happy that I found your blog just before I was to follow in your footsteps. BTW, have you been putting them in the same pack n play or 2 separate ones? I have been getting advice already that twins sleep better together in the beginning than they do separately. Try to get rest when you can as much as you can. The girls are absolutely beautiful!

  2. MyTwoLines said

    Wonderful! Enjoy every second! I’m not so gracious about the sleep deprivation šŸ˜‰

  3. Sue said

    They are beautiful! Great job at carrying those babies, mommy! Enjoy them…and try to get some sleep:-)

  4. Pie said

    They are so cute and little in the carriers!! Love it!!

    So sorry to hear you got sick during the surgery – I totally know that feeling, ugh. But small setback in a very happy birth story. I can just hear your happiness, it makes me smile. The sleep will get better, they will right themselves with days and night (make sure they get some sunlight during the day, it will help right them). Enjoy them!

  5. LC1 said

    Love the picture of the babies going home šŸ™‚ Too cute! So wonderful to read how happy you are. Keep enjoying every moment… I know you will! Look forward to more updates when you find a moment!!!

  6. MabelB said

    Congratulations – they are beautiful!

  7. Josey said

    What peanuts!! I’m so so happy for you. šŸ™‚

  8. Maggie Fuller said

    Hi! So glad to read an update! You sound so happy šŸ™‚ You are livin’ the dream!!!! Congrats!

  9. LisainSK said

    Beautiful Em…I know these days are incredibly overwhelming right now and I know you are on cloud nine…but just wait…it gets even better šŸ˜‰ Love and hugs girl…

  10. Sara said

    An unbelievably happy story – you brought tears to my eyes… ENJOY!

  11. Anonymous said

    I’ve been following your story – thank you for sharing!!!! Enjoy your little girls!

  12. Anonymous said

    Beyond words beautiful. So crazy happy for you and you new family. I love them all too!

  13. Anonymous said

    That was me, Iveta

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