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Our successful journey through IVF #2 at one of the world's top fertility clinics

One Year Ago

Posted by auntiem10 on October 3, 2011

One year ago today, Dr. Minjarez at CCRM retrieved 24 eggs from my body. We traveled home afterwards full of hope and nerves, afraid to be too optimistic but knowing we had tried our best. The embryology lab performed ICSI on those eggs at our request, and two of the resulting embryos became these adorable 20-day-old tiny beings:

I hope this gives hope to prospective CCRMers who are searching for success stories. I have yet to shake the disbelief that we are really done with our struggles to conceive a child, but it is true. Today feels like a good day to conclude this blog and move on to the next chapter of our lives more privately. However, I am always available by e-mail at I would love to hear from anyone who has read along as we cycled at CCRM, or anyone who finds my blog in the future and has questions or just wants support. Thank you so much to everyone who followed our story and cheered us on the whole way! I will still be following along with all of your stories and look forward to staying in touch!


13 Responses to “One Year Ago”

  1. Awh, I understand the want for privacy, but I’ll miss reading about you and the girls! Let me know if you ever start another blog about daily life raising the girs. 🙂 Best of luck to you Auntie Em!

  2. LisainSK said

    Keep in touch Em…been such a ride and a joy to share the same ride with you. Hugs.

  3. Maggie Fuller said

    Oh my – my heart is sad – yet so happy. Your girls are amazing….I love the picture. You have created an amazing blog that women will find useful for many years to come. Oh, how happy I am that you made it to your dream and have your girls. Thank you for all your support over the last year. We will always have our Violets 🙂 Keep in touch!!!! – Maggie

  4. Rambler said

    Wow, makes me want to cry. I remember your first blog and then you starting this one. Congrats on finishing this journey and moving onto the next one. Girls look adorable!! Good luck and we will miss you. Hugs!!

  5. Pie said

    I am gonna miss you! And seeing and hearing about those sweet babies! But I understand…I hope you keep in touch!

  6. Flygirl555 said

    On one hand, time goes so slowly in IVF land, and on the other, it flies. I will miss reading yur blog, and look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks for the parting picture…beautiful!

  7. Wishing and Waiting said

    Thank you for your blog. It has truly been a blessing to me as I feel I have followed in your footsteps. I did the retrieval, then Lupron, just as you did and did the transfer after the Lupron and voila, pregnant with twin boys! I am now 24 + weeks and feel as if your triumphs have given me hope when I had none. I happened to find your blog just prior to my retrieval. I am truly grateful that I did as I am sure many others are. I am so happy for you and your family. Thank you for taking the time out to blog. Take good care of yourself and your family and I will email you. Wishing you well especially with Baby A and her follow up with the orthopedist. You have 2 very beautiful girls

  8. Anonymous said

    What a wonderful way to close this chapter. I have followed you since just before your transfer of these two. They are magical. You are so lucky. Would love to see pictures of them as the grow. If you decide to have a new blog about parenting, please let me know!

  9. Anonymous said

    Dear Em, I could copy past ‘Wishing and Waiting’s post word for word (congrats by the way!!) I will miss reading your blog, it has given me such hope as I have followed on your footsteps. Your girls are beautiful, I wish your family so much happiness. I am 24 weeks with twin girls as well, and had everything similar to you (the Depot Lupron, etc)….thanks for blogging!!!


  10. LC1 said

    Your girls are soo adorable. It is amazing how they were created in CCRM’s lab about a year ago!! The whole thing still boggles my mind sometimes! It’s unbelievable. I know your blog has been a great resource to others and has given so many lots of hope. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and will miss it!!

  11. Cassie said

    Sorry to see you leave Blogland, but I totally understand. You did such a great job of detailing the whole process of cycling at CCRM and I’m sure that you will help many women with this blog. Your little girls are beyond precious. Congrats and best of luck with them both!

  12. Anonymous said

    Thank you *so much* for creating this blog. I went through IVF-ICSI at CCRM and am now in week 30 of my pregnancy with a (single) baby girl. It has been so helpful to be able to read what you were going through and have a “heads up” on what happens next. I’m going to pass on the link to this blog to my girlfriend who just went through IVF (though not at CCRM) and is having twins! Maybe you could update the blog once a year to let us see how they are growing up? 🙂

  13. Anonymous said

    Thank you very much for posting all the information about your journey to be able to become a mam of 2 beautiful babies! Good luck with everything…

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