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Treatment Recap Links

Posted by auntiem10 on February 3, 2011

Below I’ve added links to my recaps of the major components of an IVF cycle with CCS testing, Depot Lupron treatment, and an FET. I thought having these links in one spot might provide a clearer picture of what to expect from cycling at CCRM, but you can also click one of the Categories on the right pane of this page to see more.

Our One-Day Work-Up Experience

Instructions for shipping CD 3 bloodwork to CCRM

A recap of all test results, at the ODWU and locally

My IVF calendar

My Egg Retrieval Experience

Our Day 6 Biopsy Report

Our CCS Results

My FET Calendar

My Frozen Embryo Transfer Experience


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CCRM’s Bed Rest Instructions

Posted by auntiem10 on January 19, 2011

Here are CCRM’s bed rest instructions (you are required to be on bed rest on transfer day and the day after):

Activity and Positioning:

  • In the car on your way home, position yourself in a reclined position in the front seat with your head lowered. Once you reach your destination, make yourself comfortable in bed, on a couch, or a recliner. You do not need to be flat on your back in bed but in a reclined position with your feet elevated to the level of your hips. You may keep your kneees bent. Your head should be elevated no higher than 45 degrees.
  • You may lay on your back or your side, NOT on your stomach. You can prop yourself with pillows.
  • Do not put anything hot on your abdomen such as a heating pad or a laptop computer.
  • During your bed rest, we prefer you do not use stairs unless you have no other options. One flight up/down per day is permissible.
  • It is recommended that you limit your activity. You may get up to use the restroom or get a quick snack. For meals, have food brought to you whenever possible.
  • NO sexual activity.

Once Bed Rest is Over:

Continue with normal, light activity. You may travel once bed rest is over. You may walk, use stairs, and resume most normal activities with a few restrictions.

  • Short walks are OK but NO exercising! Avoid increasing your heart rate, becoming winded or short of breath. 
  • Do not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.
  • Do not overheat: no heat on abdomen, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures outdoors, no hot tubs, steam showers, or saunas.
  • Showers are OK, but do not submerse in water – no swimming pools or bath tubs.
  • Diet: Continue to eliminate all caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Eat a healthy diet, avoid undercooked meats.

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Transfer Day Recap

Posted by auntiem10 on January 17, 2011

We flew into Denver on a cold, snowy Wednesday…

Our flight was smooth, and before long the Rocky Mountains loomed in the distance…

It felt surreal to be back when we touched down at Denver Interntaional…

We picked up our rental car and made our way to the Homewood Suites, staring in awe at the snowcapped mountains along the way…

Wednesday evening, we enjoyed dinner at our “good luck restaurant,” Maggiano’s. We ate there the night of our ODWU, when we received great news about our chances for success, and we ate there the night before my egg retrieval, another day of good news. So we felt like perhaps dining there on this trip would bring us continued good luck. : )

We arrived at CCRM at about 12:45 p.m. on Thursday. First we had our blood drawn, and we encountered a mix-up. The phlebotomist didn’t realize that my hubby needed his blood drawn for communicables, so she had to add that to her schedule. She drew our blood and then seemed confused when I asked her if my blood would also be tested for estrogen and progesterone. She said she didn’t have any orders for that and asked when my transfer was scheduled. I told her we were heading right upstairs for the transfer after having our blood drawn. She then reassured me that the blood she had drawn for the communicables could also be used to test estrogen and progesterone, and not to worry about it. The phlebotomists there are absolutely fabulous, but this mix-up was just stress we didn’t need less than an hour before our transfer. Oh well, small potatoes in hindsight.

After this, we headed upstairs and met with Anna to finish signing all paperwork. This took only a few minutes, so we had time to snap a few pictures of the upstairs lobby before getting called back to our room. Here is the lobby area upstairs at CCRM that overlooks the downstairs lobby:

Here is the upstairs lobby looking in the opposite direction:

Once we were called into our surgical waiting room, I was instructed to remove all clothing from the waist down. The nurse also gave me a valium. Here’s where the magic happened once Dr. Surrey walked in…

An ultrasound technician came in shortly after I was settled in bed to check to see how full my bladder was. I had been pacing myself so I wouldn’t be ready to burst by 2:00, and the u/s tech was way early, so my bladder wasn’t full enough. She instructed me to start chugging and then told me that Dr. Surrey was on his way up. It was only 1:30–thirty minutes before our transfer was set to happen. Things started moving quickly from there, and I didn’t have time to get nervous.

Next, a nurse came in and asked me about medications that I’m currently taking. The ultrasound tech started pressing very hard against my uterus (because it is retroverted) and proclaimed my bladder full enough. Dr. Surrey arrived and told us that our 5AA embryo re-expanded 95% and our 5BA embryo re-expanded 75%. He started to get me all set up for the transfer while the embryologist wheeled in a huge incubator contraption with a large TV screen showing our magnified embryos. She had me sign a form stating that we were transferring two CCS normal embryos while my hubby worked on preserving memories. He was so amazed at the sight of our embryos on the screen, he forgot to snap a picture of the incubator itself. But he did snap several pictures of the magnified embryos on the TV screen:

The 5BA embryo (Embryo #21):

The 5AA embryo (Embryo #15):

Dr. Surrey quickly did a trial transfer and then indicated to the embryologist that he was ready. The embryologist gathered our embryos in a long pipette, and they were placed into my uterus. The u/s tech was pressing down extremely hard on my abdomen the entire time. Then the embryologist went back to the incubator and double-checked that no one was left behind. : ) I was tilted practically upside-down and left to rest for one hour. After 15 minutes, I was given the opportunity to use a bedpan for some relief, but I just held it. (I was too embarrassed.) By the end of the hour, I felt like I was going to pop, but I made it. My hubby was mean (ha ha) and kept cracking jokes toward the end so I would feel more miserable. : ) Since Dr. Surrey showed up early, we started everything at 1:40 p.m. and were finished by 1:55 p.m.

At the end of the hour, I was allowed to get up and use the restroom; however, they wanted me in a wheelchair while I was waiting for the restroom and right after I was finished. They wheeled me to our rental car, reclined the seat, and instructed me to go right back to our hotel and get into bed. I’ll find the bed rest restrictions we were given and post them here later this week. But basically, I rested in bed (on my back or side) the rest of the day Thursday and all day Friday. I was allowed to get out of bed only to use the restroom and grab a quick snack.

On Friday, my nurse called to tell me that my blood was indeed checked for my estrogen and progesterone levels, and everything looked great. My estradiol was in the 590+ range (needed to be at least 300), and my progesterone was 30+ (needed to be at least 20 because I’m injecting PIO). So even though there was initial confusion about the bloodwork, everything turned out fine.

On Saturday, I was able to get out of bed and shower. My hubby dropped me off at the airport before returning our rental car so I wouldn’t have to be jostled around on a bus. Our flight home was actually quite bumpy (while taxiing on the runway and in the air), so I wasn’t very happy about that. Oh well. We were very happy to get home, and I’ve been resting as much as possible since then. We absolutely love Denver, but of course we wish to be a family of three or four the next time we visit. Now we just wait for the verdict on Saturday!

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We’ve Done All We Can

Posted by auntiem10 on January 13, 2011

Here they are … our transferred embryos!

The embryo on the bottom right is Embryo #15, our best blast and a 5AA (which was hatching). We saved our second-best embryo (a 6AA) for a future transfer and instead transferred Embryo #21, a 5BA. The 5AA re-expanded 95% after thawing, which is really good. The 5BA only moderately expanded at about 75%. The 5BA is a Day 6 blast, so that may have something to do with the slow expansion. Dr. Surrey said they both looked beautiful and he is optimistic. The embryologist said she sees twins result from embryos like ours, so we are happy that the professionals were happy with our blasts. As long as one sticks, we will be overjoyed.

Now I’m in bed for the next few days. I have more pictures, but this internet connection is slooooow, so I will post them from home this weekend. I’ll also write about transfer day later. (It’s hard to type while lying down!)

Thank you all SO much for thinking of us today!!! I will respond to your e-mails when I’m upright again! : )

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The Transfer Details

Posted by auntiem10 on January 11, 2011

I just heard from CCRM about an hour ago about our transfer details. I was thinking they forgot! They stressed me out because a nurse (not my regular one as she is ill) called me while I was in rush hour traffic on my way home from work. I asked her to just e-mail me the details because I obviously couldn’t whip out a pen and write everything down while zooming down the interstate. When I arrived home, I immediately checked my e-mail, and I read these words: “Please call us tomorrow as we must confirm that you started your progesterone on the correct day.” I immediately thought, is this going to affect the day of my transfer? Of course, it was after hours, so I was stressing about reaching someone. In desperation, I e-mailed the general IVF nurse inbox and asked that someone call me if they were still around. Luckily, just a few minutes later, the same nurse called me. She explained that the day you start progesterone can affect the day of transfer. I told her I started progesterone exactly as my calendar indicated (on the 8th), and she told me that the 13th will still be fine. Sigh of relief! I’m not sure what the confusion was all about, since they obviously could have just pulled out my calendar, but oh well.

Our transfer is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. Mountain Time with Dr. Surrey. I’ve opted not to do acupuncture, so we just need to be at the clinic at 1:00 p.m. I’ll have my blood drawn and then head up to the area where our transfer will be held. I’m supposed to start drinking water on the way over so my bladder will be full enough. No information about which particular embryo will be transferred, even though I’ve asked for this information for a month. Oh well. I assume our Day 5 5AA is our best option and will be transferred first. The embryology lab will call Thursday morning to seek approval to start the thawing process, so I will find out for sure then.

Please send me your best positive vibes at 2:00 p.m. Mountain Time on Thursday!!!! My next post will be from the Homewood Suites in Denver tomorrow! : )

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