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The Perfect Getaway

Posted by auntiem10 on December 1, 2010

Happy December! We are back from an awesome six-day vacation in New York. Originally I had planned to type my weekly Depot Lupron update on my iPod Touch, but my WordPress app was not cooperating. Our little getaway was the perfect distraction from our FET countdown.

Speaking of that countdown, it is now in single digits!!! Time is starting to move quickly now. I start BCPs in only NINE days! As my body floods with estrogen once again, the hot flashes will dissipate… I can’t wait! Also, my first acupuncture consultation is six days away.

And while we were gone, my nurse emailed the medication orders for our FET. They aren’t quite right, but here’s what it looks like minus any identifying information (click to enlarge):

I’ll probably pick up the medications this weekend. Eek, can’t believe it’s finally time!!!

We’ve made a few big decisions recently, and I’ll be writing about them soon. I’m in catch up mode today, but stay tuned!


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